Saturday, July 30, 2005

Of marathons and other stuff

This is gonna be a busy weekend with the marathon thing held over Saturday and Sunday. I think it should be pretty exciting and festive. Let's see how things go. Maybe I'll take some pics.

Tonight was drama feste. Bayley, Buckley and Hullett put up their plays. Nah, I'm not gonna post my comments on the plays here. It won't be nice to any of the houses. I think on the whole I did enjoy myself thought the two emcees did take a swipe at me, using me as the object of their jokes. Ok lar, since they really didn't do anything real, I guess it's not worth taking any offence. Personally though, I thought it would have been nicer to have the emcees to be from RI rather than for them to be old boys from RJC. Don;t get me wrong, I have nothing against the old boys. I just thought that the emcee thing was always a great opportunity for the RI boys to have some fun and do some improv. Kind of a waste to see this opportunity being taken away and given to the JC boys.

Went for dinner after that at the Kopitiam near Catholic High at St 22. The dessert stall there is really good. Give it a try if you haven't tried it. They use super-fine shaven ice so it's really shiok to eat the ice. The ice kachang is really good! Also had the hokkien prawn mee. Not bad lar. Was quite hungry so I guess everything would taste better than they actually are. heh heh.

Can you tell which is the chimp?

Here's a pretty challenging task. Please take your time to make the decision. I trust it may be a hard one for many of you.

Can you tell me which is the chimp in this pic??

(Answer: It's the one in the book! Did you get it right?)

The more you spend, the more you save!

This has got to be the highlight of my week!

One evening, I decided to go to Ang Mo Kio central to have some Century Egg Porridge at the S11 there. I've not been feeling well and my appetite's been a little off, so I've kinda been surviving on good century egg porridge. Anywaez, after the porridge (which was really good!) I decided to go to Laser Flair for a look. It's kinda like my usual 'walk-a-bout-circuit' everytime I go to Ang Mo Kio central. And that was where I had the find of the week! Laser Flair had brought in a few box sets of some anime! I was quite excited... it's rare to see so many Anime box sets at one shop. The next thing I noticed was one of the sets of 6 DVDs (Infinite Ryvius) was only going for about $71!! Without hesitation, I purchased it. The other two box sets were going at about $150 each so I thought I'd go home and check out the prices on Amazon first.

When I got home, I found that Infinite Ryvius was literally a STEAL at $71. On Amazon, Volume 1 was already going for S$75!!! And each DVD after that was going for about S$45!! Which basically means, if I'd ordered the same set from Amazon, it would have cost me $300!! And Laser Flair was selling it at $71! OMG. I had literally saved S$230!

I then checked the prices of Witch Hunter Robin and Argentosoma, the other two boxed sets. According to Amazon, the Witch Hunter Robin set would cost S$214 and Argentosoma would cost more than S$270. As Laser Flair was only selling them at $150, I would be saving PLENTY! I immediately asked my friend to help me purchase the two box sets.

So now, I am the proud owner of three new Anime series! And altogether, I'd saved over $400!! I think that's something to be really pleased about. Here's my proud new DVDs!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

My brother introduced me to the infamous Crazy Frog video. Apparently, it's the first ringtone to become No.1 in the UK charts. Usually, No.1 songs are converted into ringtones, but in this case, the opposite happened! It's incredible how something so silly can be actually bring in millions of pounds to its designer! If you want to download/view the video, you can click here and see if the video is still available. I suggest you right-click and save the link rather than click it to wait for it load.

It's Friday again. This week really zipped by. I think it was becoz I was busy reading Harry Potter until Tuesday nite. Wednesday, I went to watch The Island with my brother. Thursday I had two meetings in school followed by a dinner appointment. Friday, I had another meeting until like 6pm. So here I am, after a week of reading, meetings, movie-viewing, eating and of course... working lar!

I'm quite keen to restart reading Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, or OOTP as I think it's lovingly called. I really don't have many recollections of that book. But must admit, I'm a little scared. Kena hooked then sure die. Again no time to do other stuff.

The Island was ok lar. But a few parts were a little slow. Ewan McGregor was ok. But I don't understand why Scarlett Johansson was chosen as the lead? OK, I know I'm not the right person to say this, but I think she looked kinda pudgy in the movie! Her face was roundish and I really don't think she was very appealing lar. The story is ok, though the ending was kinda predictable. Michael Bay is the director. He did stuff like Armageddon & Pearl Harbour, so you have a pretty good idea how we filmed this movie. It had a few 'Armageddon' moments. Quite amusing to see those.

The meetings on Thursday and Friday were quite killer. Actually Thursday was not too bad, two not-too long meetings. But Friday.. phew! It was a 4 hour meeting. Really long. Sigh, dunno lar, I know long meetings are generally not effective. But I am guilty of holding long meetings sometimes too. Maybe they are a necessary evil?

Today was also Dialogue Session. I think it was not bad, but it's a real pity that we only have about 25mins for the whole thing. But what to do? Can't seem to find other suitable slots. I mean, some questions were really good, and I know many of the students were dying to ask more questions about blogs. But there was just insufficient time. See lor, must continue to look for a better time to hold it. I think a slot of 1 to 1.5 hours would be just nice.

Well, the weekend is here at last. Shiok. Maybe I do live for weekends! :-) Last weekend kena burned coz of Open House. Next week is seriously going to kena burn coz of the marathon thing. (It's meaningful lar, but still.. sigh...).

Oh yah, I finished reading the first three books of Dragon Quest: Warriors of Eden. Not bad. Like reading an RPG game! die lar.. kena hook on chinese comics again. I had stopped reading chinese comics for many years. Used to collect stuff like the whole Dragon Ball series! Now start again.. sigh. Sure spend money and pile up books all over my room.

OK, the weekend has started for 1h 15mins liaoz! Yay!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mission Accomplished!

All 607 pages. Finished. Quite an accomplishment for me. Yes, I know some of you finished it on Saturday afternoon, but for me, doing 607 pages in 3 days is quite impressive already. So of course, one can't help but discuss the book. So, for the benefit of those who have not read the book, I will use a lighter font (can't find the exact colour to match the background!) to type my thoughts so that those who are really interested can read them. Oh yah, if you are gonna use my tag board to say something related to the plot, please start with *spoiler* as a courtesy to those who have not read the book and who don't want to know the story. So here goes:

**** SPOILERS ****
Severus Snape
I guess I half expected Snape to be the bad guy. That was obviously why JK Rowling had that discussion in the beginning between Snape and the two women; to cast doubt as to whether Snape was really serving Voldemort or serving Dumbledore. Of course, I was kinda irritated when someone posted on my Tag that Snape was the obvious bad guy before I even finished half the book....

Dumbledore Dead?
Hmm, if you ask me, I don't think so. The ending with the phoenix, the white tomb, etc, kinda hints that he'll be back. So, my bet is he's gonna resurrect some how.

Teenage Angst
I think JK Rowling tried too hard to make Harry and his school mates more grown-up. While i have nothing against it, I found it out-of-place that suddenly there are all these 'rude hand gestures' begin shown here and there. I felt it didn't seem to flow well with how they had been portrayed in previous books.

haha.. I guess JK Rowling had to show that Harry, Ron and Hermoine are all full-blooded teenagers. All the kissing and hugging and longing... haha.. a little overboard lar.

Half-blood Prince
Haha.. I guess when it was revealed that Snape was the half-blood prince, the title of the book made plenty of sense. I'll admit that I didn't guess that Snape was the prince. So I thought that was a neat little revelation.

Better than Book 5?
Kinda hard to decide. To be frank, compared to the first 4 books, I have very little impression of the Order of the Phoenix. I think I'm gonna re-read that soon. Perhaps then Book 6 will make more sense. Comparatively, I think books 1 to 4 are better than 5 and 6. If I really had to choose, I'm inclined to think that book 6 is a little more interesting than 5. But then again, after I re-read it, I might change my ming.

I think this is gonna be a really difficult book to make into a movie. There are so many flashbacks so the movie would be one long history lesson. But I guess the ending, starting from when Dumbledore and Harry enter the Cave to his death would make for pretty heart-pumping action. I can picture a pretty exciting fight between the teachers/students and the Death Eaters. But Daniel Radcliffe & company will probably be too old to play Harry Potter by then. Wonder who they'll get to replace them. It's gonna be hard to find good replacements. After all, all the actors have already left strong impressions of how each character should look. Can you imagine anyone but Daniel Radcliffe acting as Harry? Kinda difficult.

Potty over Potter II

Up to page 380...out of 607 pages.. not bad, only 227 more to go! haha, with luck (& lots of commitment) I might just finish the book tomorrow!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Potty over Potter

Yep, I've finally started on the Harry Potter book. It's quite a sinful pleasure actually. There are other stuff to do, but I'm committed to try and finish the book in the next few days. heh. If only I had that much commitment to the other stuff I do.. (uh.. not that I'm not committed to other stuff... I am... it's just that compared to my commitment to finish reading the book, my commitment to other stuff might seem to pale.. gotit?) So anyway, I spent a good part of this afternoon reading it, and managed to complete 130 out of 607 pages. Woo hoo!


Ok. I usually don't rant. But just have to get something off my chest.

I cannot understand why sometimes, people can't just make their unhappiness about something known. I cannot understand why they prefer to keep it quiet, thinking that through some miraculous form of telepathy, I am expected to understand and know what is bugging them.

Instead, they prefer to let the things seethe and eat away at them, then over a seemingly meaningless and small thing, they just blow up and make a huge mountain out of the proverbial mole hill. Then I'm left wondering why on earth did that blow up occur when the thing was so insignificant anyway?

So, I'm to blame? I refuse to accept that.

No way. There's no way I am going to accept blame for something which I am unaware of. At the very minimum, I could have been told of the situation and the need for me to make some adjustments. It's not as if I'm not doing what I'm supposed to do. I think I've done what I've needed to do and done it to a reasonable extent. So on top of all this, I am expected to fit into YOUR schedule as well and I am supposed to telepathically know your schedule.

I think that's crap. Pure crap.

So now, I'm to be the 'bigger man' and forgive the other person? I don't think so. I believe the bare minimum would be an apology and then we can discuss how we can proceed.

(OK, let me make this clear. This rant has got nothing to do with any student. It's just me letting off some steam.)

Friday, July 15, 2005

It's Open House tomorrow so there was plenty of activity going on this evening in school. I was helping to pack the packages in the meeting room. I must admit there was something strangely therapeutic about repetitive actions. It was basically take paper-take paper- take paper-take booklet- take brochure-file, then repeat and repeat and repeat. Quite mindless but uncannily enjoyable. I think the closest occupation I can think of that does this would be working in a photocopy shop! Sometimes, I do wonder how long I would last in a so-called mundane job like working in a photocopy shop. I know I often crave challenges, but maybe, just maybe, it would be fun to work in a less-exciting job. heh.

My grandfather (who has long passed on), used to own a coffee shop in the Yio Chu Kang area, near Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre. When I was a kid, I remember helping out in the coffee shop, taking orders, serving drinks, preparing chee-cheong-fun and selling paus. At that age, it was really quite fun. It was family-run, so we did everything from clearing the cups, serving the drinks, washing the cups and dishes and scrubbing the floor at 1am in the morning. I managed to 'help out' sometimes during the holidays. Maybe that's why I often have this urge to work in a Starbucks or Coffee Bean! Might be fun to bark out orders: "Grande Cafe Latte!" (with a fake american accent!).

Who knows, I might still be able to make my wish come true!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Here's the Raffles contingent at the Swim Finals. We had RGS girls in the front, RI boys in the middle and RJ students at the back. They were flanked by the prefects in their bright orange T. I think combined, we were easily the largest contingent there! Congrats to the Swim Team for the great results and a WELL DONE to the students who really cheered their hearts out!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Report on Parallel Imports of DVDs and CDs

Channelnewsasia had a report on how cinemas and distributors in Singapore want to stop parallel imports of DVDs and CDs. In a simple word, I think it's pretty c**p. Their reason for banning parallel imports? So that they can earn more revenue at the cinemas! Please lar, if you want to fight parallel imports of DVDs, etc, SHOW THE MOVIES EARLIER LAH! For example, the 'latest' Sin City which is still not released in Singapore was shown in US in early April. We are getting it in the cinemas only now! It's already scheduled to be released in DVD on August 16 in the US.

In this day and age of globalization and internet access, it's quite ridiculous to try and stop things like parallel import. People will just turn to Amazon and other online sites. Ultimately, everyone (including retailers) suffers. You want to keep people in the cinemas... just bring in the shows earlier! It's as simple as that.

Click here for the report.

(For those who don't know, parallel imports are good which are purchased from other countries. For example, a VCD movie meant for Singapore sale (like Spiderman) can cost $12. Some shops buy the VCDs from Indonesia or Bangkok which might cost only $8. The VCDs from other countries are called parallel imports.)
Here's a close-up for you to take a BETTER look. He's obviously lookingmore 'fantastic' than Mr Fantastic, eh?
I saw the whole series of Fantastic Four toys at Takashimaya today. Take a look at the pic, dun you think they are one of the ugliest toys around!?? I have no idea why they would design such horrible looking things. Just look at Mr Fantastic. Who on earth would buy that! Invisible Girl doesn't look any better this way (compared to my earlier pic), The Thing looks kinda gay in this pose and Human Torch is just plain stupid! And you know what's worse? Take a close look at the Human Torch's groin, isn't that just being TOO anatomically correct? PUKE!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Caught Sin City today. I've not read the comic so I didn't have much expectations. Imagine my surprise when the violence started! Then I realised it was a R21 movie! lolz.. I bought a ticket without checking the ratings. Anywaez, the movie was really violet. Although there were some... nude scenes... I am pretty sure it was the violence which gave it the R21 rating. There were slashings.. stabs.. cuts.. slices.. TEARING... phew. Thankfully, they kinda replaced all the red blood with white colour or something liddat, so it was slightly less gory. But it was still very violent. But then again, I think it was a pretty good comic-book movie. I think it was much better than Batman Begins. Well, I'm guessing most of you who read this blog aren't supposed to see the movie, so there won't be much agreement/disagreement from you on this...
This is one scary toy! I saw the new Fantastic 4 toys at Carrefour and I was horrified at this Invisible Girl toy. I mean, I have to admit that Jessica Alba was really HOT in the movie, but this figure is just plain wrong! Everything is proportionately wrong and the pose is just weird (I didn't pose it liddat.. most of the boxes came in this pose!). This is one toy which really should have been invisible...
Saw this at Suntec the other time. Quite exciting to see that Singapore has started on this 'capsule' thing like Japan! There were plenty of machines and some were actually cheaper than those in Japan. I managed to get an Incredibles keychain for only $1.
Walked past the new National Library building tonight. OK, I'll admit from this angle and lighting, it doesn't look too bad. Actually, I'm more impressed with my HP for being able to take such a nice night pic!


Last night, I had one of those weird dreams. I dreamt that I was with some friends (can't remember exactly who now) but basically the dream was based in Tokyo and Osaka. My friends and I had done something (also cannot remember!) which woke Godzilla! For the rest of the dream, it was basically running, running and more running away from Godzilla. I had to pull my friends and run deep into the malls in Tokyo to try to avoid Godzilla. Godzilla would be hurling boulders and shooting fire as he searched for us. Then, whenever there was eye contact with us, he would go wild and start thrashing towards us! To escape him, we took a bus to Osaka where I hid in a friend's house. When it appeared that all was quiet, I went out early in the morning to explore the terrified city. It was quiet, and Godzilla was nowhere in sight. And I thought of watching a movie. Dunno why also... But anyway, somehow, Godzilla caught up with us and we continued running. Funnily, I remember stopping at a shop in a mall while running, cause they had this cute dog/cat-like toy which you could stroke its back and it would respond in a realistic way and I just had to spend time stroking its back (maybe I should get a pet?).

After more running, I kinda managed to escape Godzilla as he came to rest in the sea just off Osaka. Then it appears that Godzilla has been communicating with the Japanese leaders (dunno how also). His terms were simple, turn me over and he will leave. But the Japanese Leaders were reluctant and they would not sacrifice even one person. Then... I woke up.

Any dream interpreters out there?

Young Leaders Day

Went for the Young Leaders Day at the Singapore Expo. It was quite well attended. I'm not too good at estimating, but I'm guessing there were close to 2000 students there. From what I gather, the YLD is supposed to be organised to inspire the Young Leaders as they take on leadership roles. Hence, they scheduled 6 consecutive talks for the whole day. Upside? Speeches were generally short & snappy. Downside? At time, speeches were just hot air.. not much substance.

I learnt quite a bit from this YLD. From an organizational standpoint, it was very interesting to see a conference organised for the youth. It was quite refreshing. From the hip dances to the video clips to the snappy pace, they were all quite indicative of how teenagers today generally behave, in this so-called MTV generation. From a personal standpoint, it was heartening to be reminded about simple things like WHY we lead and the passions which drive us.

Dr William Tan's sharing wasn't very deep. But I enjoyed it because it came from his heart. He spoke from personal experience and conviction and this made all the difference. Dr Andrew Goh helped me to see that Singaporeans can also be excellent motivational speakers. We often think that the westerners are the best at that. But Dr Goh was really very engaging. Again, he had simple points, but he managed to capture our attention with his very humourous stories.

The next 3 were unfortunately quite ho-hum. Tanya Chua & company was a waste of time, IMHO. Their segment seemed better suited in a Music Career Talk. H.E. Ong Keng Yong was also not very interesting. I think he had two things working against him. Firstly, it was the post-lunch-sleepiest-time-of-the-day session and secondly, I think he didn't have enough time to really say anything worth listening to. Claire Chiang & Ho Kwon Ping were quite interesting. But I felt their sharing was quite fluffy and at times, not very relevant.

Finally, we had Michael Lee from US. It was a good way to end YLD. After the 3 ho-hum segments, Michael brought focus back to the day. His simple sharing of NED was excellent and again, he did it with such simplicity and conviction. I liked his message. He said "the greatest thing we can do with our talents and abilities is to share them". I think that's really true. If only more people could have such a mindset.

All in all, while not a perfect conference, the YLD was quite good. If nothing else, it reminded me of the things I am doing and why I do them. A very useful reminder!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Warning... Scary Pics

OK, before you judge me, I would like to make it clear that I am not a pervert.

These pics were uploaded on the request of Mr. LZY.

Warning... the images are quite disturbing. Do not view unless you are mentally strong enough.

If you are really ready... click here.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Comics Day

Today was Comics Day. Not bad actually. I thot it was reasonably festive. We had comic book slaes by Chuang Yi and Comics Mart, a Comic Character Drawing Competition and even our very own comic book launch! haha.. It's a shadow of a real convention, but I think having a shadow is better than not having anything at all.

I remember when I visited my first convention in the US. I've been dying to visit one after reading about them in magazines and over the internet. Quite a few years back, I planned a trip to the US where I would be able to visit a few conventions. If memory serves me right, I ended up visiting two Star Trek conventions and a comic book convention during that trip. Conventions are really quite exciting. Hundreds of tables selling stuff..from books to toys to whateva you can think of. Then on stage, there would be performances. At the Star Trek convention, they had people dressed up as Klingons performing Klingon fighting scenes! Then there are the special guests who talked about their experiences performing in Star Trek. It was quite exciting queuing up to get my purchases signed by the actors. There were also screening rooms where various videos were being screened, like fan-made videos of Star Trek episodes, etc.

Well, like I said, our little Comics Day is a good start. Maybe we could have a Sci-fi convention next! heh.. .I can almost feel the prefects shivering at that thot!

Oh yah, if you are interested, I've posted some pics of Comics Day at my album. Click on the link on the right to take a look.
Went to Funan today. Kinda had to go coz I know I won't be free tomorrow. As I was approaching Funan, I decided to play with the settings on on my phone. So, I set the effects to Sepia and ended up taking the two pics below. I know it's not as arty as what some of you can do, but I thought the yellowish effect is quite nice.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fantastic Movie

I managed to make some time to catch the Fantastic Four movie today. I think that it is not too bad. The effects were kinda fun, though I really can't believe/get used to Ben Grimm's orange exterior. It just looks unreal. The invisible girl's effects were ok. Human Torch was obviously CGI. It wasn't really convincing. But the flame effects were also nice. Mr Fantastic's stretching ability was quite cheesy. It's like something we have watched in movies 10 years ago. Didn't really look state-of-the-art.

Story-wise, no big deal. Quite straight forward and not very exciting. Having Dr Doom as the villain was not very exciting. Dr Doom was quite blah.

But Human Torch's smart mouth remarks are quite funny. And on the whole, the movie is quite a fun ride. Watch it for some fun. But don't expect too much.

IOC thoughts

Today, the most important thing happening in our little red dot called Singapore is of course the IOC thing. So, I would of course like to contribute my opinions which I guess isn't that relevant to anyone cause I doubt anyone in the IOC organising committee will read it. But oh well, that's the joy of blogging rite?

So, I thought having the IOC in Singapore is quite exciting. I wished I could have camped out at Raffles City so that I could catch a glimpse of the VIPs and stars. But I still have a job to do, so no chance of doing that.

I was a kinda disappointed with the Opening Ceremony. Firstly, I think the emcees (esp the female one) were really bad. They had no chemistry and the female emcee was obviously overwhelmed by the VVIP audience. Quite a sad display of our emcee-ing skills. The next shocker was the National Anthem. Personally, I respect Jacintha as a singer. But I think asking her to do the National Anthem in a jazzy-laid back style was plain WRONG. It sounded terrible! I wonder what the audience thought as they heard the weird version of our anthem. I think a full choir singing it in full force would have been wonderful and grand. Instead, what we did was a night-club/lounge version of our anthem. Really embarassing. Finally, I was also kinda disappointed that they didn't even show the whole opening ceremony (with performances) over Channelnewsasia. I was hoping to watch more than just the speeches. Quite a let down when the performances began and the telecast stopped. 'BOO' to CNA for not doing a full telecast.

This morning, I only managed to catch 5 mins of Paris' presentation. I would have loved to watch every single presentation. It's not every day/month/year that we get to view such excellent presentations by the various countries. I think there was much we could have learnt. I think it would have been wonderful if students were allowed to watch and maybe discuss/evaluate the presentations. This would be a real-world lesson for all. Maybe (though I think highly unlikely) CNA will show all the presentations again some time.

London winning? Aiya, I guess I don't really have any strong feelings for or against them. Just kinda sad to hear that Paris had tried and failed three times to host the games! Quite poor thing. It would also have been interesting if Moscow won. Their idea of a river transportation system was quite innovative & unique.

Well, the decision's made and Singapore's 5 mins of fame (ok lar.. closer to 24 hours) is over. Back to reality.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Changed Photo Album

Decided to use instead of photobucket. I find the animations and slideshows, etc, more interesting than photobucket. Take a look by clicking on the link on the right!

Youth Day

Today is Youth Day. The real one lar.. not the whole week thing we were doing last week. I must admit, holidaez are one of the big PLUSes of being a teacher. But then again, you dun get flexi holidaez like in the private sector where you can apply leave. You can only go on holiday during the holidaez and no other time. Can be quite sianz.

Anywaez, today wasn't really a holiday coz had to go back school for an exchange programme. I'm not gonna bore everyone with the details. Basically thot it went quite well.

The one thing which I thot was interesting was the way everyone just became totally energized when it came to the floorball and captain's ball time. Regardless of country, language, gender... a ball can just energize and unite youths in a split second! Quite interesting as I stood there observing everyone. I was told one of the gals had hurt her both her feet before the trip (saw the plasters/bandages) but she was excitedly joining in all the games as well!

Oh well, guess i have to accept that 'youth' has long passed by me. Really loved those times in Secondary School and JC. Hope you guys enjoy your youths while you can!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

PSP Update

It's been 7 months since I bought my PSP from Osaka. I have to say that while I do love my PSP and think it's a totally cool piece of hardware, I have not been as excited with the software for the PSP. Sure, there are some nice games, like Ridge Racer, Wipeout Pure and Lumines, but on the whole, the games are lagging behind those available for the Nintendo Gameboy and Nintendo DS. I think the Nintendo DS is an ugly piece of hardware. But so far, some pretty fun games have been released, like Polarium and Kirby Canvas Curse. Sony, WHERE ARE THE GAMES? I'm waiting eagerly for the first real platformer to come out, Death Jr. It's supposed to be out later this month. The other platformer I'm looking forward to is Midieval. It seems that in Japan, PSP is losing out to the DS and PS2. Of course lar! There aren't any must-buy games! Sigh.

One good thing though, is that many people are now formatting magazines for viewing on the PSP. That's quite cool. Just need to spend a couple of minutes downloading the magazine then can read it on the taxi/bus/train. The magazines are quite good too. Not some hastily-put-together crap. The other cool thing are Movie Trailers that are specially formatted for the PSP. I've downloaded trailers for the new Harry Potter movie, Bewitched and many others. So on a positive note, the PSP is really becoming more of a multimedia machine, something which I think Sony did hope for it to become. Well, hope the good games will start rolling out soon!

Here are two PSP mags I downloaded. The first one features reviews on UMD movies. The second one is a innovative magazine on the PSP which is viewed vertically!
Today was a busy busy day. Nah, it wasn't busy coz of work. For some reason, I just decided to go different places today. It started off with lunch at Adam Road market coz a colleague who was driving was going that direction. Had a yummy plate of rojak and a semi-decent plate of nasi-lemak. After that, continued on to Holland Village coz my colleague (the same one who was driving) was going that direction. It's been a while since I went to Holland and I thot I'd drop by to take a look. The place is a mess with all the construction for the circle line. It used to be such a quaint and cosy place. Guess it won't be for another couple of years until the construction is complete.

After walking around Hollang V and visiting the landmark Holland V shopping centre (nice to walk, but nothing to buy), I made my way to Funan Centre coz I wanted to see if there were any new second hand games at the game shops there. Took a taxi (which cost me almost $10!!!) there and spent some time browsing. But unfortunately, there wasn't anything there.. only managed to buy Spanglish DVD, a movie starring Adam Sandler. Hmm.. after Funan, walked over to Gramaphone at Capitol for a look before doubling back to Funan to take a bus to Pearl Centre in Chinatown.

After looking at the DVD shops and handphone shops, I went to the NE MRT, thinking I would make my way home. But then I decided to drop by Harbour Front coz I wanted to see the new BiG store by Safe Superstore. I remembered they had a DVD recorder going for $269. So, I took the MRT in the opposite direction and spent some time at the Harbour Front. The BiG store is quite big... heh... but not really fantastic lar. The DVD recorder was the 'terapin' brand. Didn't look really good. So, I looked around a little more then decided to go home. Took the NEL, and then decided it had been a while since I went to Heartland Mall at Kovan. Sooooo... why not? It's on the NE Line anyway. So, took the NEL all the way to Kovan and looked around Heartland mall. By then, it was already 7pm so I thought I might as well have some dinner there. But couldn't find anything I wanted to eat. For some reason, I was thinking of Katong Laksa... So.. took a taxi back to Bishan. Of course, there wasn;t any Katong Lakso there, so ta-pao some dinner and went home.

Hence ended my day of mall-hopping.

Sounds fruitful and fun eh?

Oh yah, at Junction 8, I suddenly decided to buy some preserved fruits. Dunno why. No, I am not pregnant. Just happened to have the craving. So, I bought a whole pack of the preserved fruit (SUPERIOR sweet plums) and ended up cutting them up coz they were too big (Here's a pic!).

So, I guess in the end, you could say it was a fruitful day!

And since I'm on the topic of comparisons.. thought I'd post another picture comparing some images. Notice how they look quite similar? Tell you what, try to match the following to the correct pics: kiwi fruit, a certain student, esplanade... which is which?!
We had MUFTI day on Friday. It's always nice to see how different people dress up to reflect their personality. Below is how one student chose to express himself. I think he looks like a famous singapore comedienne... no?