Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is really unbelievable... creating a pop-up model of Japan's Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto using Lego bricks!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Other Blog -

In the last year, I've actually been maintaining a second blog. The purpose of that blog is for me to capture my thoughts and experiences while tried to lose all the extra weight. It isn't a very exciting blog because the beginning parts were just a documentation of the food I ate and the exercise I did, pretty much my baby steps in my weight loss. Right now, as I work towards the 10km Standard Chartered run, it's become more of my exercise/training log.

Take a look at it if you are interested:

My Current Favourite Restaurant - Cedele

I've recently fallen in love with the breads at Cedele. I first ate there a couple of months ago and basically found the food interesting but a little expensive. What got me hooked was the bread. It tasted really good and it is supposedly very healthy. I was able to find bread like the 100% wholemeal loaf made with 100% wholewheat and is sugarless and eggless! I just buy a loaf, freeze it and slowly enjoy it for the next c
ouple of days. The breads are a little expensive. The wholemeal loaf costs about $5.30, almost twice what a Gardenia/Sunshine multi-grain loaf costs. So, Cedele breads are more a treat then a regular bread for me.

I enjoy eating at their restaurants but the meals can be pretty expensive. A full salad with side soup can cost almost $30. But last Saturday, I discovered that I could eat at their cafe-like restaurants where a small soup and sandwich/salad costs jsut under $10!! And for $1 more, I could get to enjoy the different breads! I think I have discovered my new favourite lunch!

If you are a bread lover, you need to give Ce
dele a try. You can find their stores here.

As much as I love their breads.. need to watch it so I don't take in too much carbo! Still want to hit my personal targets. :)

I don't think this is their 100% wholemeal boule, but I can't find the exact pic on their site so I'm posting this pic which I think it pretty close to what I like.

I just discovered the yumminess of their nine-grain loaf. It's made of 50% wholegrain and is also egg and sugar free.
And here's the one that's the diet-breaker... despite all the yummy healthy food... there's the deliciously sinful selection of cakes. Yeah.. I'm sure they are made with the healthiest of ingredients but I don't think there's any way I can justify stuffing myself with this slice of heaven... this one's my favourite, the Chocolate Banana Expresso Cake. And yes, it's as delicious as it looks. :P

Friday, October 16, 2009

Movie Review: Pandorum

Haven't done one of these in quite a while. Might restart with the reviews....

Pandorum is a pretty ho-hum show. Tries to be a scary sci-fi but ends up being very blah. There are some interesting ideas but generally, the whole execution is very boring. It's not the worst movie I've seen. Some movies, I really want to just leave the cinema halfway through. With Pandorum, I didn't mind sitting through it (although some parts were painfully pointless) because it seemed to indicate the possibility of something better.

As far as I'm concerned though, give this movie a miss. Your $8 is better spent wiping your butt. LOL.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Star Struck

Ever since I was introduced to Xing Guang Da Dao by a friend, I've been pretty hooked to the show. In addition to unearthing some pretty good singers, I've also been introduced to many Taiwanese singers. Last weekend, I was at Bugis when I discovered that Xu Jia Ying, the winner from Season 3 was there for an autograph session. I almost flipped! She's one of my favourite winners of the show and her CD is probably the one I'm listening to most this year. My heart melted when she sang her hit song: 失落沙洲.
When I got home, I found out that she, together with another of my favourites, Lu Guang Zong would be performing at IMM on Sunday as a publicity event for this year's Singapore Hit Awards... I know this sounds embarrassing but I actually made time to go down to IMM, resorting to even carrying my laptop so I could do some work on the train since it was a long journey there.

Well, I'm glad to say there are absolutely no regrets for making the time to go all the way down to Jurong East. Lu Guang Zong was really good. He was really charismatic and really does his 'every-man' act very well. Makes you feel that he is just one of the normal people singing his songs. Xu Jia Ying was jsut as good and she sang a couple of other songs which she hadn't sung the night before. Another person who performed was Singapore's very own Tanya Chua. I've never been a fan but after hearing her, I must say I am somewhat impressed by her songs as well.

I was a wonderful evening chasing the stars. :)

Lu Guang Zong belting out his 'rock' hits.

Xu Jia Ying melting my heart... again!

Tanya Chua sharing a really heartfelt song.