Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back in RI

Yep, after a 2.5 year break, I've rejoined RI. This time round, I'm taking on a pretty specific duty as compared to the numerous roles I was playing the last time. I will be helping to run the Raffles Leadership Programme (RLP), the leadership development programme based in the boarding school. I've not updated this blog as I've been busy adjusting to life back in RI and living in boarding. Of course, there were the disruptions due to the H1N1 situation.

Starting off in late June, I was busy moving back into RI Boarding School. My new lodge is quite nice - 2 bedrooms, a sitting room and a kitchen.. on the 10th floor! The view's pretty nice, it's facing the RI pool and the Rafflesia Condo, much better than facing the columbarium. heh. Will post some pics ONLY when I've managed to clean up my lodge a little.

On top of running the RLP, I'm also teaching a couple of CLE classes (CLE = Character and Leadership Education... a but like CME lessons in other schools). It's good to be able to get back into some classroom teaching as well.

Will blog more as I get more settled back in RI.

Some Pics of Ho Chi Minh City

Some pics of Ho Chi Minh City from my trip. We spent two nights in Mui Ne, my favourite beach resort and one night in Ho Chi Minh City. I woke up kinda early and took a quick trip to Ben Thanh market, just as the tourist shops were setting up stall. So this time round, had a chance to look at the wet market in all it's gory glory.

Let's start with pig's innards... :)

Here are the tourist shops just setting up shop. It's amazing that they pack up everything in the evening and then set it up again in the mornings. As far as I can tell, some of these shops even move out their wares into the night market in the evenings. The other interesting thing is that the shop assistants barely took a look at me as I walked past, very unlike 'working hours' when you get drowned in 'sir... cheap cheap! buy t-shirt? good price!'. It's like there is an official office hour for selling to tourists.

It was a nice short getaway. Only small issue was the super long ride back to Ho Chi Minh from Mui Ne coz of the weekend traffic. But I am sure I will return to the wonderful beach again.

Now to plan my next getaway....