Monday, November 26, 2007

Recovery's a bore

OK, it's been 3 days since I've been discharged. I've basically been resting at home except for Sunday morning when I had to report to the hospital for a new bottle of antibiotics. After that, I took the opportunity to drop by Funan to get some DVDs and then to Kinokuniya at Taka coz they were having their 20% discount sale. Phew. It was really tiring to move around since I've been hospital bound for 2 weeks. It's gonna take some time for me to get back to normal... if that ever happens.

At the same time, I'm also getting used to life with my little bottle. Here's a pic of it. The blue pouch is a thermal pouch which the hospital graciously gives so that we can carry the bottle around while preventing extreme changes in temperature. You can see the balloon/condom in the bottle which basically contains the antibiotic. As time passes, the balloon gets smaller as more of the antibiotic is pressured into my body.

The bottle's with me all the time, whole day long. I've gotta constantly remember to bring it along with me and at the same time, make sure the tube doesn't get tangled or caught somewhere. When I sleep, there's also the fear that I might rip the tube from the plug in my body. When I bathe, I've gotta waterproof the bottle and the plug in my right arm to make sure it remains dry so that the plug doesn't get infected. Sigh. Sounds fun right?

Anyway, tomorrow's my second refill visit to the hospital. Second day of outing! Hooray! I might just go catch up on a movie.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Two weeks

That's how long I've been away. Two long weeks. Not on a holiday, mind you. How I wish I was on one. The two long weeks were actually spent in Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

As my faithful readers might remember, I've been going through a tough time with a fever which refused to go away. I seriously mean a 24hour fever, everyday. All I could do was pop 2 panadols every few hours to try to keep the fever under control. Of course, I was seeing my normal doctor who was putting me through tests and antibiotics to try and tame the fever. However, 2 weeks ago, on 9 Nov, I knew I had to get myself admitted when my fever crossed the 40 degree limit and refused to come down. So on 10 Nov, I went over to Tan Tock Seng A&E and got myself admitted.

There were many needle proddings, blood drawings, body scannings. And after about 4 days, the doctors reached the conclusion that I had caught MRSA, also commonly known as the dreaded Superbug. Simply put, MRSA is a bacteria which is resistant to all normal antibiotics. For me, the MRSA had attacked my right kidney which apparently was filled with pus due to the infection. So, for the next one and a half weeks, I had a tube stuck to me right kidney to drain the pus from it, and I was put on a strong antibiotic called Vancomycin which is one of the drugs used to tackle MRSA.

Everyday was a dead bore. All I had was Channel 5, 8 and U and my Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, having a tube stuck to your kidney greatly decreases the pleasure of playing on my DS. So I'm left with the mind-numbing programmes on the free-to-air channels. I tell you, I still cannot believe how mediacorp can come up with programmes like 80s Rewind and The Noose.

Staying in a hospital is every bit as horrible as you can ever imagine. And this is coming from someone who paid to stay in a B1 ward. Other than the constant needle poking, or the misery-inducing groans from the other patients with painful/more serious problems, I must say that I cannot understand why the hospital can't make a half-decent cup of milo. Someone must have read the instructions wrong and decided that it was like one teaspoon of milo for every cup of milky hot water. The milo was miserable. Food was not too bad. But when I was put on a liquid diet for a day, I could not believe how they could mush up everything to make it 'liquid'. yuck.

Well, after two weeks, I'm finally out. But it's not quite over. Due to the strong infection, I have to be on the intravenous antibiotics for another month. So basically, I now carry a bottle with me everywhere I go. The bottle is filled with the antibiotics which I have to refill at the hospital every 2 days. Whoopee. So now, I have the pleasure of finding ways and means to camouflage the bottle and tube when I go out... which I am dying to do since I've been cooped up in a hospital /home for 2 weeks.

On a positive note, I am feeling much better since the treatment began. But it's kinda scary to find out that I've caught MRSA. It's a pretty strong bug and can be life threatening too. Well, here's hoping for a proper recovery.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

80's Rewind

i must admit it. I wanted to watch this because I wanted to find out how much it would suck. And disappoint me it did not.

Main storyline A: Mother & Father obsessed with tree-planting & starting a neighbourhood watch.

Main storyline B: Two brothers trying to get tickets to watch Return of Jedi. They end up getting it from a 'scalper' called Obi Wan Neo... :S Helloo..... Neo is Matrix.... didn't even happen till 1990s.

Both storylines suck.

The acting sucks. Talk about 80s rewind. The acting standards are probably 80s standard too.

Jokes suck. Father threatens sons with.... MOTHER! wow! no one must have ever thot about such a joke. Son says he was robbed. Everyone still keeps asking 'Were you robbed?'. funny hor.

It's been 20mins, I've not even broken into a smile. It's a seriously sad show. I didn't dare to watch The Noose last weekend. I think I'm glad I didn't.

okok.. now got romantic twist.... wife thinks of how a tree helped her get over hubby went he went for NS. That's why tree-planting so important. OMG!!!! What a contrived story!

Thank God. Advert time. Some decent storylines/filming. Please adverts, please dun end....

Sigh. Adverts ended. Soppy round up. Something about planting a bean for wife to see it forever and remember him all the time.

Wow... HILARIOUS ENDING. They all got tickets to watch Return of Jedi and just as the movie started, their sister tells them the twist at the end that Princess Leia is Luke's sister. SO FUNNY.

What is wrong with Mediacorp? Seriously.... Who on earth can think this is even near funny? This is more proof of the death of Mediacorp local programming.