Sunday, May 23, 2010

Passion Run 2010 (10km) - 1h 15min

Passion Run was quite a challenge. To be honest, I had not really trained well for it. Leading up to it, I've only done a couple of 5km and 6km runs and my last 8km run was really quite a while ago. So I was really apprehensive at going for the 10km run yesterday.

As it turns out, the timing's pretty sucky... slower than my Standard Chartered 10km run last year but I'm quite pleased that I was able to run all the way and complete the whole route, given my lack of preparedness! I really hope to better my timing at my next run. I was thinking about the Mizuno Mt Faber run but might just wait till the Yellow Ribbon Run in September.

The run itself was quite pleasant. Being at the beach, the scenery and atmosphere was really nice. Weather was also very good. I'd been worried that it would be too blazing hot but it was windy and the sun was pretty gentle. A small complain would be the non-runners like roller-bladers and cyclists who were also on some parts of the running route as east coast was a public park so it wasn't closed to the public. But they weren't a huge bother.

The bigger issues with the run probably involved the organization. Transport was terrible. Heard from my friend who took the shuttle service from the National Stadium that it was a nightmare. Too infrequent and the shuttles had too small a capacity to handle the crowds. Ended up with many people getting flustered and late. Going back was just as bad. Leaving East Coast at night with thousands of people is just not very pleasant. I managed to catch a cab but it was stuck in traffic and before even the cab left the east coast area, the meter was already recording about 12 bucks! My last complain was the super slow baggage collection. Having been to the Stanchart Marathon and the Live Earth run, I thought the baggage collection was quite poorly organized. Don't think they really had any system other than placing a couple of hundred of bags in one area. The queues were really long and moved really slowly. Thought it was a dampener to the end of a nice run.

I'm definitely gonna aim to better my timing of my 10km runs. Still considering if I should do the Mt Faber run (but the registration might already be closed). Looks like for now, I'm kinda hooked on taking part in these runs.

Really like the dry bag which they gave out to finishers. Have been thinking of getting one and now I don't need to buy one! Best finisher gift so far!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I've signed up for the 10km Passion Run tomorrow. Not my first 10km run since I've completed the 10km StanChart Marathon last year, but I'm really not prepared for tomorrow's run. It's been a very busy week with my nights ending at around 12 midnight and I've not been able to do proper preparatory runs the whole week. In fact, my last run was a short 5km route about a week ago.

Two things can happen tomorrow.. i complete the 10km run and probably end up with super sore legs or I can't complete the run and end up walking to the finishing run. That would be quite sad.

Well, with open house tomorrow, then sending off guests to the airport, before going for the run, it will be a most challenging day. Hope to be able to do some posting tomorrow night... Good luck to me... :(

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cycling to Marina Bay

Last week, went on my first 2+hour cycling trip to Marina Bay. It was quite an experience trying to cycle along the park connector all the way there and then returning on the normal roads. Needed to really pick up simple cycling skills from more experienced cyclists so I had asked Timothy to give me some tips... simple things like hand signals... duh! That's how little I know.

The Park Connector is a pretty good idea, except for the fact that there were too many disruptions to the path due to construction work and overhead bridges. I can just imagine how fun it could be if the park connectors were... better connected! heh.

Decided to go all the way to Marina Bay coz I thought it would be not too far for a noob and I also wanted to get my first look at the Helix Bridge. Nice views along the way and thankfully, the weather was pretty good, not too blazing hot.

Can't remember where I took this. If I'm not wrong, it was somewhere near kallang.

Took this at the Nicoll Highway.

F1 Pit with Singapore Flyer in the background. Although people say the Flyer may be underused, you can't deny that it adds a nice touch to the Marina Bay skyline.

Finally at the Helix Bridge with the (now infamous) Marina Bay Sands. I thought the bridge was really nice and that Singaporeans were just nit-picking when they complained about the lack of shade. Funny thing was the bridge was not completely opened so it went about 3/4 way before you had to turn back.

Obligatory photo of inaugural long bike ride. :)

Went a little closer to the Marina Bay Sands and I thought the underside of the skypark they were constructing was really nicely textured.

So that ends my first cycling experience to Marina Bay. Considering where to go next, maybe Sembawang or all the way to East Coast. It's kinda disappointing that I can't cycle to places and lock my bike somewhere to explore/enjoy that place. Have heard how dangerous it is to leave nice bikes chained up as they will probably be stolen. Let's see when I'll go for my next ride.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm expecting my thighs to hurt like mad tomorrow... Went on my first bike ride on my new bike. Learnt a few things:

1. It's really tough riding on the road.
- I keep wondering when some car is gonna creep up behind me and drive over me...

2. Don't ride after it rains
- The wet grounds are gonna splash muddy stains all over the nice white bike and my nice white shirt as well!

3. Get a bell
- Especially when you are gonna ride on trails which are shared by joggers/dating couples. It's really irritating riding up behind a lovey-dovey couple who is oblivious to everything around them.

4. It's really wise to buy from good staff from a good shop which is near where you stay
- There was a little irritating click every time my right medal went one complete round. Probably nothing serious.. just annoying. Since the shop was nearby, I dropped by and asked them to take a look.. Not only did they replace the pedal at no charge, they also took some time to wipe down my bike although I never asked them to do it... Now, that's really great service, and it's nice to see them so passionate about what they do.

5. Choose the time to cycle carefully
- Today was the first time I went cycling and I chose to do it at about 6.30pm... not the best time coz I realized the traffic was really heavy due to the evening peak hour. It made cycling a little annoying as the roads were really crowded, both with cars and people (on the paths).

I think there's much I need to learn about cycling. If today is anything to go by, I think I'm definitely gonna enjoy my new bike!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

My Brand New Bike!

After more than a month of indecision and looking around, I finally went back to the first shop I visited and purchased my very first bike! The bike itself set me back by $695 and the additional lights and cool helmet added anther $140... So all in, spent about $830 on what I hope will be my new hobby.

Now to learn how to use the bike.... :P

My brand new white hybrid bike - the Gary Fisher Wingra...

My happening red/white helmet!

I refused to buy the conventional bicycle lights... here are the futuristic/alienistic Infini lights! (supposedly from Italy... lol!)