Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just got back from watching the 'traditonal' CNY movie. Thought I might pass this new year break without catching one, but managed to get out of the house to catch it. At first, the plans were to watch I Not Stupid Too. But, unfortunately, the movie was sold out. So, settled for My Kung Fu Sweetheart. Heh. Yeah, I know, you're probably wondering, 'WTH!?!'. Well, I decided, it's better to watch that than nothing. Anywaez, I decided the best thing to do would be to chuck my brain at the door and just try to enjoy the show. Well, I'm pleased to say that the movie wasn;t too bad. It definitely isn't 'award' material. But it does have a few laughs. The usual chinese-movie types lar. There's the two guys being mistaken for being gay joke... the grab the guy's shirt and tear off the areas around the nipples joke... the huge man-in-suit acting condor... the over-melodramatic i love you but u can't remember you love me story... etc etc.

All in all, if you ever intend to watch this movie, just do like me and chuck your brains at the door. Dun try to hard, and you'll probably enjoy it.

(By the way, none of the above scenes happen in the movie. heh.)

Back to school tomorrow. Yay?
Just finished watching 6 consecutive episodes of Cardcaptor Sakura on Animax. Firstly, I love it that Animax shows there marathons. I hate it when I have to wait one week to watch another 25min episode of a cartoon. It's really our fast-food mentality. We have to have it and we have to have it now. So yah, it's great to have these mini-marathons. Problem is, I dunno when I'll get to watch the other episodes. Might end up buying the DVDs...

Secondly, I must say that Cardcaptor is really quite interesting. I remember laughing at some boarders a couple of years ago when they told me how hooked on to Cardcaptor they were. After these 6 episodes, I can see how addictive the series is. Every episode's premise is pretty straightforward, Sakura goes about her daily life, something strange happens, she changes into pretty costume (heh heh) and then captures the 'card' whose spirit she has let loose. Complicated eh? It's like pokemon. Go new place, meet new trainer, Team Rocket try to interfere, they lose, Ash fights trainer, Ash (usually) wins. Anyway, back to CardCaptor. Now, I'm torn. Should I go buy the whole series? Hmmm....

Monday, January 30, 2006

yeah, i noe it's lame.. but these are my first two plastic $2 notes. I like the plastic notes. Nice feel.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

New Nintendo DS

News just came out a couple of days ago that Nintendo is releasing a new DS on 2 March, barely 1.5 years since the original DS was released. It's getting quite irritating actually. Nintendo likes to re-release their handhelds so very often. And stupid people like me, keep buying them. I've already got so many versions of the GBA that I think I've lost count. Now, in a month, I'll be tempted with the new DS.

The new DS is smaller, lighter and have better features (like adjustable screen brightness). I think it weighs about 218g while the original weighed 275g.

The pic above is not suppposed to be the final product, but dun you think it looks sweet? Sigh, it costs US$145 while the original is selling at about US$130. Bye bye money....

Xin Nian Kuai Le?

Had reunion dinner tonight. My family's tradition (which is probably the same as many other Singaporeans) is to have steamboat for CNY eve. But the thing is, we've evolved it such that 80% of the steamboat comprises of Foochow fishballs. For the uninitiated, Foochow fishballs are those that have a meatball inside them. They're soft & succulent and any bite into them usually results in a spurt of meat sauce from deep within. yummmmm....

Now, some of you might say, 'No big deal, we also have Foochow fishballs at our steamboat'. But you see, my mom has to buy like 60 Foochow fishballs for my brother and me. As far as we are concerned, all the other stuff are... frills - things we can do without. I think my brother and I would be plenty satisfied with just a steamboat of Foochow fishballs. But of course, my mom needs to add some colour to the table, so there are plates of chicken, pork, fish, sotong and prawns. But usually, we only put a token piece or two of them into the steamboat and then continue to work on the heavenly FFs.

Tonight, it was a little disappointing. I'm still recovering from my stomach flu thingy so wasn't really up to usual standards. Only managed to devour about 20 FFs. Sigh. What a disappointment. No worries. Can have them for the next few days!

Talking abt the next few days, you notices the '?' for the title of this post? yeah, it's a '?' coz it's hard to decide if it's really very kuai le. Truth is, my family doesn't do much visiting. We meet all relatives at a big lunch/dinner sometime during the 15 days of the CNY. So, we dun really practice visiting each other's homes. That's actually fine by me. But, there will be people who come visit. That means, I have to face the usual 'hello, how are you? Fine thank you. Yes, I'm still a teacher. Yes, I'm not married yet. ', and at the same time, wonder who I'm talking to. :-

I should seriously consider going away next time over the new year. Including Friday afternoon, it would have been a 4.5-day getaway. Not bad really.

Oh well, with most shops closed, it'll either be movies, games or sleep. Or maybe, sleep, movies, games. Or maybe games, movies, sleep? Wow... infinite choices...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

today was a long day in school. What a way to return to school after two days of MC. Sad thing is, had some breakfast (yucky vegetarian bee hoon) at around 8.30am and nothing in between until 8.30pm..... Lucky thing is.. the stomach flu pretty took away all my appetite so I didn't feel hungry at all! I know that some students actually have this similar lifestyle everyday.... my sympathies.

okie, tmr is super short day. Looking forward to the CNY break.

Hope appetite recovers in time for reunion dinner!
Feeling a little better todae. Headache still there, but not as bad... Fever seems to have subsided a little, hovering around 37.5 degrees instead. Tummy is still feeling... tender... aiya... wat that means is that is kinda hurts when I stand or when i walk..

Staying home has it's benefits in this case. Mom and maid around to attend to my needs. Mom has been getting me porridge these two days coz I really haven't had the appetite to eat anything else. Actually, I dun mind porridge, but the sad thing is my doctor told me to stay away from my fave... century egg porridge! So, I'm stuck with chicken or pork porridge. I tried chicken, but I must say... when put into the porridge, the chicken really just taste like nothing. nada. zilch. bleargh! The pork porridge was a little better. At least had some sweetness in the mince pork.

For all my mom's niceness... she was kinda mean today. She bought for me my favourite black chai tow kway. AARRGGHH!! Doctor said no oily stuff! So how?? For the whole day, I just stared at that red translucent plastic bag on the dining table. I was realy really REALLY tempted to just eat some.. maybe only half a pack? Surely that wun be so bad? Well, after 12 hours of struggles, I am proud to say, I have not given in to the chai tow kway. Sigh... I hope the power-above will see the sincerity of my actions and grant me a faster recovery. heh.

Should be going to school on Thursday unless the fever comes up again. Sigh.. if only I had MC for the next two days.....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Today has been a pretty lousy day.

I've been having a persistent fever of around 38 degrees and it just won't come down. This pretty much led to a splitting heachache (both from the fever and sleeping too much) and couple that with the uncomfortable stomach... sigh...

I spent the day vegetating in front of the tv. But with the headache, had to close my eyes half the time.

Sianz man.. can't even play WoW coz of the splitting headache. SIGH.
ok... 23 days into the new year, and I've fallen sick. sigh.

Think I have some stomach flu thing... fever as well as discomfort in my lower intestinal areas.

Not a very good time to fall sick, seeing that the Van Project closure is on Wednesday. Sigh. Can't be helped I guess.

Kk... back to sleep.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Oh yah, when my WoW discs refused to install, I decided to try Gunbound.. on the advice of a friend. Downloaded the huge file and installed it without any problems. But the game is really quite boring. I find turn-based fighting not very exciting. Just sit and watch people destroy you. Of course, being noob, I kena totally pwnzed in no time. Ok lar, deleted liaoz. Shall concentrate on WoW for now.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The BIG leap

This week, I made a decision. A difficult decision. I've thought about it for the last 5 years. But I've finally taken a bold step and plunged right in.

This week, I purchase World of Warcraft.

When I was staying in RI Boarding, I couldn't play online games as my internet connection was via the school's server and the school had many firewalls. Now that I'm back home, and on broadband, there's nothing to hold me back. I don't really know if I'm into online games, but WoW has received excellent reviews. So, of all the MMORPGs, I decided to try WoW.

The experience has not been good so far. Not because of the game, but installing the game! On Tuesday, I bought the game. I started installing it on Wednesday night. Disc one... Disc two... Disc three... almost 45 mins long.. then I inserted Disc 4. Nothing happened. Opened drive, closed it... still nothing. Took out the disc and realized the disc had a huge crack. Manufacturing error. Fed up. So I cancelled the installation. On Thursday, I went down to the shop to get a replacement. They replaced Disc 4 with another open set they had. I noticed it was from a 2004 copyright version. I guessed it wouldn't be much of a prob so I went home and tried installing it.

Disc one.. Disc two... Disc three... then I carefully inserted disc 4. The disc looked fine. The drive spun. I looked at the installation bar, it started moving... YAY. But a minute later, an error message came out. And the installation aborted. AAAARRRGGGHHH!

So today, I went down to the shop again, told them to PLEASE replace the whole set. They agreed and I happily took the new discs home.

Disc one... Disc two... Disc three.. ok.. moment of reckoning again... disc 4... insert disc. Wait with bated breath. NOTHING HAPPENED! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH! Open drive, close drive... NOTHING HAPPENED! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!

I was starting to think it must have been some act of God.... He'd probably known how addicted I would be and prevented the installation. Sigh.. might as well give in to divine intervention.

Then, I decided to try one last time. This time, deactivate Norton Antivirus (remembered having to do that for another game previously). So... disc one.. disc two.. disc three... disc four... Installation bar comes out... installation bar continues to grow... I wait.... wait.... wait... NO ERROR MESSAGE! YAY!

So finally, I got it installed. But as many of you WoW users noe, I was in for more surprises. I thought I could start trying it out, only to find that I had to install patch after patch after patch. The first one was 183Mb! sigh.

Well, after much patching, I finally created my character and got started.

Had to create a character. Heh.. so funny, it was like some life choice lor. Had to think about what I want to be, what I hoped to be, etc, etc. I wonder how many of you (esp students) spend so much effort thinking about your own futures. Lolz.

Ok, so I decided to go with Dwarves. For those who noe me.. it's quite a contradiction. But it was either Dwarves or Humans and i thot humans was a boring choice. Night elves just felt a little wimpy (though I like using them in Warcraft III).

So now, I'm pretty much at the 'collect wolf meat' stage. I must say I am impressed so far. Nice-looking game. So the question remains.... am I gonna get uncontrollably hooked. You'll find out in a couple of days.

Back to WoW...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Campus Superstar III

Final chapter for the night.

Yin Wei made it through tonight! He really does have the potential to do well in this competition. But I sure hope he chooses the right song and IMPROVES ON HIS OUTFIT the next time. Dunno who put together that outfit he wore tonight... bleargh!

Other than that... good luck to him on his next round!

Campus Superstar II

Hmm.. M2 to M4 weren't that good. Must say Yin Wei sounded better than the rest of them tonite. But then again, it's not just about singing... in terms of 'idol-quality', I personally think M3 has a very good chance. But the song he sang tonite was quite boring.

So, let's see how things go for Yin Wei tonite. Results in 2 hours (actually less lar... coz I believe the results show is filmed earlier than the actual showtime...)

Campus Superstar

Watching Campus Superstar right now... the first four girls just finished their performances. I think the girls this week are all quite weak... sianz. F3 looks like she just got out of bed, wrapped herself in her bed sheet and came for the performance! I liked F1 the last time, but this time round, she chose a really bad song. F2 and 4? Forgettable.

Yin Wei just sang. Not bad lah. But really dunno if he got what it takes to get past this stage. Judges quite nice to him, generally good comments lar. Good luck to him!

Advertisement... time for dinner.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha

I was kinda disappointed with the film. For some reason, I was looking forward to watching it. It opened in the cinemas in Japan when I was there, but there was no way I was gonna pay 1800yen (about $27 singapore dollars) to watch a movie.... unless it's GV Gold Class lar!

Anyway, as I was saying, MoaG was kinda disappointing. Here's why:

1. Everyone spoke english.
It's just wrong to watch a film about old japanese culture and have every single person speaking in English! I can't help but think how much more authentic it would have been if a japanese director/film company had made this movie. Here we have these old japanese ladies speaking pretty much perfect english with a weird asian accent. Uncanny.

2. Chinese actresses instead of japanese ones.
I've nothing against Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi, but I think they should have used japanese actresses instead. It's probably a simple case of americans not being able to tell asians apart. To them, a chinese and a japanese woman probably looks the same. To us, I think we can tell that Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh are just so obviously not japanese. So we have these chinese women, trying so hard to act like japanese geishas. Sorry lar.. to me, I just didn't buy it.

3. No heart.
I think the movie could easily have been a heartwrencher and the director just couldn't get us into the story. I just didn't feel for the poor girl as she was being wronged and mistreated. Then even when she is an adult and having a hard life, there just wasn't any tugs at the heart. Such a waste.

Ok, although it wasn't the best movie, it wasn't that bad a movie. Although it was more than 2 hours long, it didn't really feel it. The movie also has some beautiful scenes too. And Zhang Ziyi was quite pretty lar.

Oh yah, I caught the trailer for Fearless, Jet Li's new movie. It really looks good. Something to look forward to!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm a little disappointed with myself... didn't blog at all for the whole week. Must have more discipline.

I've kinda started on my new job this week. It's a little unsettling not needing to go into class to teach. Have to psycho myself into a new job mode. I really hope to be able to do better & more interesting things in the year ahead.

We had JRIC on Wednesday. There were some harrowing hiccups in the preparations, but in the end, I think the whole thing went quite well. Congrats to the Sec 1s on receiving their badges!

On Thursday, we had our first ever birthday celebration for the board. I hope it won't be the last. The highlight was of course the sabo on cjy. Heh.. glad it was the first time he had cake on his face. I can't believe no one has done it before to him yet. Like I said.. he must have some mighty wimpy frenz... heh..

Friday was supposed to be uneventful, but heh, it was not to be. Had out first major blackout of the year! Apparently, the construction people hit some major power cable and the school was without power for almost 5 hours. Since I couldn't do anything in school, I went home. And you know what, for the first time in 2006, I actually got home while the sun was still up! It was a nice feeling! Hope to have more such days in the year!

So here we are at Saturday. Went to watch Memoirs of a Geisha today. Will talk about it in the next post.

So there we have it. Week 2. On to the next one. Cheers!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Album Update

Okie, not that the 1M-ers know my blog yet, but my album has been updated with some sec 1 orientation pics. Take a look if you're interested.

The New Paper sent a photographer to take some pics during their war games on the last day. I must say the pic they published was really quite badly taken. Sigh. Thought they would have been more professional.

Stuff from Japan

Heh heh.. yeah, it took a while, but here are some stuff I bought from Japan.

First up, I bought these pixel toys which allowed me to make pixel pics of retro Nintendo characters. Quite nice actually, each of the pics below takes about 30mins to put together.

Here's a close up of the board and the pixel pieces.

And here's a little souvenir I bought from the Studio Ghibli Museum. The little creature is their mascot.

And finally, here are the 'capsule toys'... you know, the kind where you put $1 to $3 then spin the handle and hope for a nice toy.. Heh.. I saw this capsule station in a shop selling star wars light sabers and han solo's gun, so I couldn't help but spend the 200yen (about $3 singapore dollars) to try and get some light sabers.

Plenty more stuff... will get round to displaying them proudly when I finally take the pics. Heh.

Week 1

The week is finally over. Mixed feelings really. 6 days into the new year and I've spent the past three days in school with the Sec 1 orientation camp. To be perfectly honest, I don't really know what to comment about as far the camp and the past week is concerned. Am I glad with how the camp turned out? yeah.. Am I disappointed? yeah... Like my new class? yeah.... Apprehensive with being a FT who doesn't teach the class? yeah... Excited with new opporunities? yeah... Frustrated with the unknown? yeah...

Maybe I'm just tired so my mind ain't exactly working in a coherent manner. Spent the last two nights sleeping in school. It's only when I'm sleeping on the staff room floor that it strikes me that Boarding has been quite a comfort when it comes to school camps as I was able to simply walk home and stay in my lodge instead of the classrooms/seminar rooms. I guess sleeping on the floor is not too bad, esp with my personal mattress... but it sure doesn't beat the comforts of home.

OK lar, don't think I want to dwell too much on the camp for now.

Anyhoo, first major event of the year is over. Don't really know which is the next major one. I know there's Sec 1 GEP camp and then the Sec 2 Malaysian trip. In between, a few major events. Hmmm, maybe I should just quit and join some event management company. Might add some different excitement and difference to my life.

To any 2006 1M-ers who might have found this blog, a warm 'HI' to you! Hope we'll have a good year ahead.

OK, yawning continuously and eyes are a little hard to keep open. Will stop here for now. bb.