Thursday, June 18, 2009

Off to Ho Chi Minh

Looking forward to my short getaway to Vietnam. Will be spending two nights in Mui Ne, a beautiful beach place. Then I'll be back in Ho Chi Minh city for one night, to do some shopping and pho-eating before flying back to Singapore. Mmmm.. can already taste the delicious Pho!

I'll be back on 22nd, then on 23rd, I begin my new job.

Life's gonna change again.

Friday, June 12, 2009

June Holidays

June Holidays has finally begun.

They were supposed to begin two weeks ago but since I've started doing part time teaching, there were holiday lessons for the first two weeks, so I've still been waking up at 5.30am everyday to go to school. Today.. I woke up at 10am. Shiok.

Went to the PC Show today to take a look at the new Nokia N97. I've actually been very very VERY tempted to buy it since I started reading about it a couple of months back. But when I looked at it and had some hands-on time with it, the excitement kinda died down. It's a nice phone, but I think the touch screen interface is still not as fantastic as it can be. I guess nothing can top the iphone at this point of time. But I still can't bring myself to buy one. Maybe I can look forward to the new Sony Idou instead.

I'm looking forward to the next weekend. I've taken advantage of the Singapore Airlines offer to Ho Chi Minh City...only S$228 which includes taxes!! Incredible. Will be going with a few friends. Looking forward to lovely bowls of Pho and authentic Vietnamese food.

I'm actually also looking at another big change in my life soon. Will blog more about it when things are more firmed up.

Happy June Holidays!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Think.RI (updated 11 June)

Here's one for the history books....

I met up with some former prefects over last weekend and as expected, we started talking about stuff when they were in RI. One of the things which popped up was the famous Think.RI. I admit I've pretty much forgotten all about it and it sure brought back fun memories of how we tried to practice/make-fun-of Think.RI back then.

We tried hard to recall what it stood for and the most memorable phrase was New Day New Discovery. Couldn't remember all though. Anyone can remember those left empty below?

T -
H - Have a Plan (Thanks KM.. updated 11 June)
I -
N -New Day New Discovery
K - Keep an Open Mind (Thanks Anon.. updated 13 May)
dot - dimensions of thinking
RI - obviously we know what this stands for. :P