Thursday, September 28, 2006

Finished putting together the Space Battleship Yamato. SO COOL. I tell you... these japanese really know how to come up with wonderful ideas! This anime is like more than 20 yrs old lar... and they are still releasing stuff for it. The whole model basically can be torn apart to reveal different details within the ship! Cool right! Here's a pic where I 'skinned' one side of it, revealing the different decks. For the uninitiated, the super-duper weapon in this battleship is the 'Wave-motion Gun' which you can see right at the front of the ship. I tell you arh.. this is a damn-worth-it buy from the Tokyo Toy Festival. More pics and close-ups in my album.
Went to J8 to meet up with some friends for coffee. Last week, I was at Crystal Jade and I was shocked that they actually had a 5-yolk mooncake on sale! Although it came as part of a set and was not sold alone, the cost of the 5-yolker worked out to be about $20. The 4-yolkers were going for about $10 each. BUt then again, the thought of a 5-yolker was quite scary... Well.. until today... I was walking through the Mooncake sales at J8, thinking of getting one for my family when I saw this massive 6-yolker!!!! OMG. And the cost? $28.35 before discount... I think it costs about $23 after discount... You know what, I think they should just make a mooncake completely out of egg yolks!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Back home!

Arrived back in Singapore at 1am. Always nice to be home. This time round, while I'm looking forward again to Laksa and Chicken rice, I will most definitely miss the cold ramen and soba....

My last day in Tokyo was actually not very nice... largely due to the fact that it rained. I had intended to do some last minute shopping at Akhihabara (which was only about 10mins away by train) but the train kinda spoilt the mood. I still went lar. But you know, it's just kinda dreary to shop in the rain. Didn't buy anything much, a few UMD covers, that's about it.

Rushed back to the hotel to collect my luggage coz I was delayed by the rain. Then I realized I was about 5 mins late for the Keisei Skyliner! Kinda like a direct train to the airport. Sucks! But luckily, there was another train, the Limited Express which also went to the airport but took about 10-15mins later. What the heck. Rather than wait at the station, I might as well sit in the train.

Clearance at the airport was quite smooth. I was however, a little irritated with myself. I had controlled myself from buying many things coz I was worried my luggage would be overweight... When I weighed it at the counter, it was only 19kg!!! Not only was it underweight, I could have probably bought another 5 kg of stuff without being charged for anything. Argh! So many things I wanted to buy lar! Nevermind, what to do? When I go US... heh.. I am so gonna buy stuff! (like maybe PS3?)

Flight back was ok. Caught some movies: Nacho Libre & Fight Club. First one was kinda crappy but second one was pretty good. Disturbing, but good. It's an old movie, but I'd never watched it. On the whole, I thought the movie selection on Northwest was not bad.

So anywaez, back in Singapore. Supposed to be preparing to go Indonesia next week to do some stuff, then I'll be off for my US trip. So looking forward to that....

Monday, September 25, 2006

Disney Magic

Decided to do something really touristy and go to Disneyland today. Yep, my way of celebrating my birthday in Tokyo! Started off the day by visiting Akhihabara again. This time, I went to Yodobashi Camera, an electronics superstore. I have never been to the Akihabara branch. I think it's coz it's located on the opposite exit of the station and I've never used that exit. Wow, this branch is really quite huge. 7 floors of electronics goodness! Too bad I couldn't explore it fully coz I was trying to get to Disney by 3pm. Bought a new casing for my Sony MP3 player and a new pouch for my camera. So tempted to get a new laptop.... heh..

Next up, made my way to Disneyland. Quite fast actually. Train ride took less than 30mins and the walk from the station was less than 10mins. Then I purchased my ticket (5800yen which is slightly less than S$90) and went in. I tell you, there's just something which I think Disney pumps into the air. As much as I've not really wanted to visit Disneyland in the last few years, the minute I stepped through the gates, you just feel so... how do i put it... happy! haha... this stupid mouse and his empire is just so darn happy. My intention of coming to Disneyland was not to take the rides. The queues were too long for that. I basically wanted to see all the shows, the fireworks, and do some shopping. And I'm proud to say, I accomplished my goal!

First up was the Halloween parade. Great fun! I tell you, these japanese are really enthusiastic lor! Before the parade, they were taught actions and many of the japanese there were trying so hard to do them, oblivious as to whether people were looking at them. It's really quite admirable. They were just out to enjoy themselves and have fun! Not self-conscious at all. Take a look at my album for more pics.
Next, I went to do this lottery to try and get a seat for the evening's 'Kooky Spooky Halloween Night' show. Heh.. damn lucky lar! Managed to get a seat, somemore inthe centre section! Must be my birthday luck! Walked around a little, spend some money, took some pics, but didn't bother queueing for any rides. Most had waiting times of over an hour.

By 6pm, I made my way to the central courtyard for the show. The whole setting was just so perfect. The famous Disney castle in the background, the cool evening atmosphere... then the song and dance began. I think the Emcee was fantastic. As I watched him, I really wish more people who did campfires and emcee-ing could see this guy in action. He was sooooo into what he was doing. Maybe that's the secret, believing in what you are doing. There was more dancing and once again, the japanese lapped it all up! More floats, and pyrotechnics... the whole package. Loved the whole show. Then it was time for a quick bite (of the totally mediocre theme park food) before rushing to find a spot for the Electrical Parade. I've seen this a few times and though the music is more or less similar, it's still fun to watch everytime. I really wonder why can't Singapore do something like this instead of their totally lame floats which they put up for Chingay.

And finally, it was the fireworks. Yep, everybody's favourite. I found myself a good spot. Sat down and waited about 20mins for it to start. The fireworks were good... not spectacular... but still good. There was one firework which actually exploded in the shape of a five point star! That was quite cool.

After the fireworks, I did some quick shopping... couldn't buy much coz (1) things were really quite expensive and more importantly (2) I don't think I could pack more stuff in my luggage without risking paying extra charges. Disney is really a whiz at marketing. And these japanese buy like there's no tomorrow. People were buying baskets and baskets of cookies, useless toys, hair bands... etc, etc. Come on.. how smart can you get? Make people pay 5800 yen so that they can come in and shop??? lolz...

Anywaez, it was a really enjoyable day. I think the 5800 yen for the shows was well worth it.

yepz, last day tomorrow. Flying off in the evening. Will probably do a little last minute shopping before going off to the airport.

Before I go... found a new love... COLD RAMEN! haha!! I tried this place and I tell you, the cold ramen is to die for! Costs 640 yen (about S$10) and what you get is a large bowl of ramen and this really salty soy-saucy soup with some pork, veggies and half a half-boiled egg. So, like the cold soba, you dip some ramen in the hot soup and slurp it all up! It's a really nice feeling.. it's cold yet warm! Talk about a refreshing taste. I am sure gonna miss this when i get back to Singapore.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Today was surprisingly quite fruitful. I thought I was just gonna end up wandering around tokyo aimlessly but instead, I managed to do a few cool stuff. First off, I found out from the net that there was a Tokyo Toy Festival happening at the Tokyo Big Sight (another convention/exhibition centre). So, I made my way there. For those who are familiar, Big Sight is at Odaiba, a water front place. It's quite a cool building. Looks like four upside down pyramids supported by pillars. Took many pics, but here's one. The others can be found in my online album.

When I reache the Big Sight, I was kinda confused coz there were not signs and posters showing the Toy fest. I suddenly got worried that I might have gotten the date wrong! Then I caught a poster which said that the Tokyo Toy Fair was going to be held in October! Sianz! I was a little fed up with myself but decided to walk around anyway to see if there were any other exhibitions being held. After walking a couple of minutes to the east wing.... I saw the small banner proclaiming 'TOKYO TOY FESTIVAL'! Happy! So anyway, Toy FEST was today, Toy FAIR is next month.

The Toy Fest was quite interesting. Basically plenty of booths selling toys and collectibles. I tell you... had to show MUCH restraint. Wanted to buy so many many things. If not for the airline luggage limit.... I would have gone crazy. Ended up buying a Replica of the Spaceship Yamato from the Starblazers series. Dunno if any of you know this series. It's one of my all time favourite anime series. Very cool. I couldn't take more pics coz many of the dealers dun like their toys to be photographed. Dunno why. Competition maybe?

After the Toy Fest, I walked over to the Panasonic Centre. Some of my students had told me about the Nintendo display there when they visited it last year. So I went to take a look and well.. it's ok lar. Small place. Also cannot take many pics except for one which I took with a statue of Mario. Then I made my way to Tokyo station to visit the Pokemon Centre! haha... Quite fun. A really small shop.. probably no bigger than 6 classrooms... but it was fun to see so many pokemon merchandise in one place. They gave out free folders for the new pokemon movie too!

Finally to round up by day, I went to Ikebukuro for some walk walk. Visited the usual Toys R Us and Animate. Didn't buy anything though. haha.. plenty of self-control! (imposed by airline)

Before I sign off, must blog about my dinner. I finally decided to try some cold soba noodles. Now, let me say that I've tried cold soba noodles before in Singapore. Many many years ago. I went to my mom's friend's place and she had prepared cold soba noodles for dinner. I tell you, after that one meal, i decided I hated cold soba noodles. It's been easily 20 years and I've not had them since! The reason why i decided to give it a shot this time was I saw other people wolfing down the cold soba noodles at this shop together with a plate of tempura. So, I thot, what the heck, can't be that bad. OMG... it was really yummy! I mean, it tasted nothing like what I had tasted long long long ago. This might just become another fave jap food for me!

Here's a pic of the yummy cold soba which converted me!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Day 3 - Tokyo Game Show

My feet hurt.

Today has basically been walking, walking, walking and more walking. But it was worth it. It's always exciting to attend something for the first time. Especially something like the Tokyo Game Show. Took many pics but decided I won't spam my blog with them. If you're interested, visit my album. I've uploaded the pics there.

It was really very exciting. Took me about an hour from my hotel to Makuhari Messe, the exhibition centre where the TGS was being held. As I made my way from the station to the exhibition hall (about 8 to 10 min walk) I couldn't believe the people that were thronging in the same direction. I started worrying if they might even stop selling the tickets! When I finally reached the hall, I went to the overseas visitors booth. For printing out an application form, I paid 1000yen instead of 1200yen to get into the show. After receiving my ticket, I eagerly made my way to the actual exhibition floor, another 3 to 5mins walk away. As I reached the main entrance, my heart raced as I heard the wonderful sounds of video games blasting through the speakers.

The TGS is really something to behold. Just take a look at the pics in my album. The booths are all so elaborately decorated. Just take the first one which I saw, the one by Koei. This booth has got two gigantic LED screens on the left and right of the huge monitor you see in the middle. Yeah, images were flashing everywhere! Really breath-taking.

TGS took up three huge halls. But it was still not enough for the crowds that thronged th place. The first hall was anchored by Microsoft's Xbox360 while easily one third of the second hall was taken up by Playstation. The final hall was filled with some booths selling game/anime merchandise, an eating area and 2 huge performance zones. Basically, I went from booth to booth, snapping pics and watching some of the shows. There were dances, game shows, demos, etc, etc. On top of that, many were queueing to try the games. That was one thing I couldn't be bothered to do. Some queued for hours just to play a game for 10-15 mins! Sorry.. no patience for that. But the shows more than entertaining enough to occupy my time.

One thing which you can't help noticing are the famous booth babes. Yes, I admit, I took pics of them too. I mean, everyone was taking pics. It was hard not to snap a few. In between the first two halls, there was a large area designated for the japanese to do Cosplay. Wow.. this was one of the largest gathering of cosplayers I've seen. These japanese are really committed to their love for these anime characters. I even saw middle-aged cosplayers pushing their baby in a pram!

I was most excited to visit the Playstation booth. Of course, I wanted to see the PS3 in action. I must say that the games do look quite good. I particularly like LAIR, a game involving dragons battling in the air. But I don't know if it's really a big leap over the xbox360. It's not surprising that the Playstation booth is probably the MOST crowded one of the whole show. The queues to try the games were hours long! I didn't have much patience to join any of the queues. It's nice to hear that Sony has dropped the japanese launch price of the PS3. But, it's gonna be hard to shell out almost S$750 for the console alone.. not forgetting that I'll have to buy a game or two, which will cost at least another $150. Oh well, let's wait till november to see what happens.

Here are some pics of the stuff I collected from the show. The one I'm most happy with is the Playstation 3 paper bag and the folders for the new movie, Eragon. Next to the Playstation bag is the xbox360 bag advertising the new game Blue Dragon.

After the game show I decided to stop by Akhihabara on the way back. Bought some UMD movies for the PSP. Warner Brothers are having a sale for many of their movies on UMD. Couldn't help it, only about S$12 each. Bought the entire Harry Potter series, The Goonies and Matrix Revolutions. I think they are supposed to have Corpse Bride available. Gonna go hunting for more cheap UMDs tomorrow!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Tokyo Day 2

Spent the day revisiting some of my favourite places. Started off with a visit to Ginza where the Sony Building is. On my way to the Sony Building, I walked past the Nissan HQ which had a very nice concept car being displayed. It's only a three seater, and I doubt I can fit... heh heh. Personally, I think driving a car has been made so much more complicated than it actually is. Someone ought to start a revolution and simplify the way we drive. As usual, old systems are hard to change, regardless of how inefficient they are... like the QWERTY keyboard... but that's another story.

Next stop was the Sony Building where I got finally set my eyes on a real-life PS3. Personally, I don't think it's really that big as many of the websites/magazines say it is. Looks prerty cool. But I must say that I don't really like the spiderman font they used for the 'PLAYSTATION 3' logo. Wish they had stuck to something more Playstationey.

The showroom had other cool stuff like the VAIO computers which are probably only released in Japan. Also watched a Blu-ray demo in their high def viewing room.

After Ginza. went to Shibuya and Shinjuku. Actually, I went to Shibuya coz they had a shop there selling big clothes. But as I was walking around, discovered two other favourite shops, Tokyu Hands and Mandarake. Tokyu Hands is a great place for Hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. If I remember correctly, they tried opening one in Singapore many years ago, but it kinda died. Mandarake is like a huge manga/collectibles shop. This is only a branch so the selection is not bad but not as good as the original shop which I visited a couple of years back.

Spent the rest of the day hopping from shop to shop in Shinjuku. The usual Tsutaya shop, Bic Camera, Sakura electronics, Kinokuniya... decided I didn't have time to visit Akhihabara and Ikebukuro. Will probably do them on Sunday or Monday.. As for tomorrow... it's Tokyo Game Show time!

Before I go.. here's a pic of the yummy dinner I had. Tempura prawn & veggies with rice and soba noodles.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

One reason why I chose to stay near Ueno station is this toy store which is just opposite the station. Yamashinoya - 7 storeys of wonderful toys! haha.. Luckily I controlled myself. Was so tempted to start spending money.

Anyway, that's all for first day. Decided to call it a day and get back to rest. Looking forward to doing some anime/toy/electronic shopping tomorrow. So it's pretty much off to Ikebukuro and Akhihabara (electronics mecca!). Then Saturday is reserved for Tokyo Game Show. Can't wait!
After settling in, I immediately popped into one of my favourite dinner places, Matsuya. Cheap and reasonably good. The meal you see here, rice, miso soup, pork with fried vegetables cost 610 yen. That's about 9 bucks. Yeah.. not cheap by Singapore standards, but it's quite reasonable for Japan. Actually can get some bento boxes for about 300-500 yen. Maybe for tomorrow's dinner.
Checked in for my flight at 4am this morning. I must say that the security is even tighter after the recent London terrorist scare. For the Northwest flight, other than the usual search at the check-in counter, they had another thorough check just outside the boarding gate. We had to line up and let the airport security comb through our carry-on bags. And, all electronic devices had to be turned on for a 'function' test. To make sure that it does what it's supposed to do. I tell you.. I felt a little malu lar. I had my laptop, my handphone (which most people have), my Nintendo DS, my digital camera and my portable media player. Luckily I kept my PSP in my check-in luggage. So most people just carried their laptop (which we hbad to start up) and maybe a handphone/PDA while I was struggling not to drop any of my electronic devices.

Well, check-in, though long, was smooth and we departed from Singapore on time at about 6am. I pretty much slept all the way to tokyo. One of the reasons why I like Northwest flights. You stay up the night before, then sleep on the plane all the way to tokyo.

Tokyo immigration took almost an hour. They had like 10 counters and hundred of people queuing up for their turn. Surprisingly, met some old church friends. Haven't seen them in a few years and it was a real coincidence that we were on the same flight, visiting the same place! Finally, got on the Keisei Limited Express train to JR Ueno where my hotel was located.

This time, I picked a small place called 'Oak Hotel' about 8 mins walk from Ueno station. One main reason is they were one of the cheaper places which offered free internet access in the room... so that I can access the net at play wow... heh.

Here's a pic of the tiny room. Not bad actually for less than 6000yen. Better than the place I stayed in last year. Even have a tiny 17inch LCD tv (at the bottom left corner of the pic). Well, it's gonna be home sweet home for the next 5 days.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Off to Tokyo Game Show

Off to Tokyo early tomorrow morning. Catching the 6am... yeah... AM... flight to Tokyo. I don;t intend to sleep tonight. Probably play WoW or watch TV until 3.30am then take a cab to the airport.

Quite excited coz the main reason for going to Tokyo is to attend the Tokyo Game Show! Yeah! Have always wanted to attend it (second to attending the famous Electronic Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas) and now, since no job... can finally attend it!

Hopefully, the internet connection is good at the hotel I'm staying in. Certainly hope to keep this blog updated with my adventures in Tokyo and the Tokyo Game Show.

Actually, visiting Tokyo is quite normal for me liaoz. I pretty much know what I want to do, what I want to see... visit Akhihabara, shop at Toys R Us in Ikebukuro, visit the Bic Camera shop and Yodobashi Camera shop (which are actually electronic megastores), and also visit all the anime merchandise shops. Shiok.

Will be gone for 6 days. Probably spend a day or two at the Tokyo Game Show.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Went to Miramar Hotel with some friends for dinner. Chinese a-la-carte buffet. Food was ok. Some dishes were good, but a few were quite scary. We ordered some egg & scallop omelette thing and the egg just tasted wrong. We guessed they probably used those 'liquid egg' things. Yuck.

After dinner, we decided to take the MRT back so we walked along clarke quay. And that was when I saw something which was totally unbelievable. If you are familiar with Clarke Quay, they had put up these huge umbrella-like things which are supposed to help moderate the temperature around the place... make it cooler. From afar, they look ok. But some people think the umbrellas are an eyesore. Well, I've always seen them from afar. Tonight, I actually walked past them and could not believe how they actually looked! Underneath each umbrella is some ventilation-air-circulation thing. Just take a look at the pic below and tell me what you think it looks like! I mean... rows and rows of them! It's kinda shocking. Maybe we can start selling clarke quay as the holy land of fertility. sigh. Talk about lousy designs.

Then, we popped by meidi-ya, the japanese supermarket in Liang Court. Caught sight of the super expensive fruits. Yep... if you look closely at the pic below, you can see the cost of the grapes. The green ones cost S$99 for the box and the green ones cost S$45. Cheap eh? They better taste like droplets of heaven for that price!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Walked past sculpture square and say this exhibit. Quite interesting, piles of broken ceramic laid out in what looks the outline of a space shuttle. I'm not arty enough to know what it means. Just thought it looked nice.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bikebulance... How's that for creative new words! Wonder why we're not using manbulances...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sad State of Scifi in Sg

It's really pathetic.

As part of Science 06 programme, they are having a sci-fi film festival at Golden Village. But when I clicked the link, I was deeply disturbed at what they were defining as Scifi. The three films they are showing are: XMen3, Fantastic Four and The Day After Tomorrow.


Singapore really needs a good scifi convention to kick start the love for this genre.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Side bars updated. Pai seh. Must update more often.

Thank God for mentors

One thing I've come to realize is the importance of mentors in our lives. I think all of us, at one point or another, need to have mentors whom we can turn to who can share their experience and guide us in considering the options we face.

I met up with my former boss (when I was working in the travel industry) for lunch. It was a very pleasant time. We chatted, discussed my life after resigning, she shared about her goals in her work life, basically, just talked about life. It's great to chat with someone knowing that she is listening to you and helping you to sort out things that are important to you.

It's hard finding mentors. I think it's all about being able to find someone whom you can click with and of course, the person is also willing to click with you. So far in my life, I can probably only think of no more than 5 people whom i can call my mentors. I still keep in touch with 2 of them. As for the others, they were mentors to me at different points in my life. Really appreciate them.

As I reach this crossroad in my life, Thank God for mentors!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Just realised i've got a few lego Star Wars figures... Now super tempted to collect more!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lego X-Wing!

Here's the Lego X-Wing I bought... Took me almost 2 hours to finish building it. Doesn't it look simply awesome!?

The details are impressive. The cockpit opens and you can put either Luke Skywalker or Wedge Antilles into the cockpit. See the little R2D2 behind?

Here's a view of the back. The wings can open and close using the knob at the back. See the two sets if rubber bands on the left & right of the knob? They use the tension of the rubber bands to allow the wings to close when the knob is turned.

The whole set comes with SIX lego figures! From the left, we have Hans Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Princess Liea and Wedge Antilles. And in front, good ol' R2D2. Now, I'm kinda hooked on collecting the lego star wars figures... sigh... more ways to spend money.

Next, I'm hoping to get the Slave 1. Apparently, it's in very limited suppy in Singapore. A few months ago, I helped my brother to buy a Slave 1 from the Lego shop in Ngee Ann city. Now regret not getting it for myself... so hard to find....

Lego Star Wars

Was at Thomson Plaza last nite and there was a lego fair. There were some models of Lego Star Wars toys. This Imperial Cruiser is a real beauty! Now to find the hundredS of dollars to buy it... There were also the new batman and spongebob range. And no, i'm not too old for lego. In fact, bought myself a lego x-wing! Will post pics later.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Host

This movie has been really hyped by various reviews in the newspapers & magazines. The trailer also looked quite decent. So, I decided to give it a shot, despite it being a Korean film.

Before talking about the movie, just a few words about the cinema. I finally decided to go to The Cathay cinemaplex to see how the new cinemas are. Well, it's a pity the whole mall is still not ready. So many empty shops. Quite sparse and boring. They have 2 ticket counters on the ground floor. When I arrived, there was a short queue and only one counter was open. There weren't any signs giving any directions. The queue moved really slowly so I decided to see if there are more counters upstairs. Found the cinema on level 5 and there were many more counters there... all empty. There really should have been signs at the counter on the ground floor. The cinema lobby was ok. Strange thing was that the ticket counters were all the way towards the far end away from the lifts and escalators. Thought it was a weird, out-of-the-way kinda place. The snacks counter was quite large and they tried to sell a variety of stuff. But I don't think it was quite popular. How to bring a salad into the cinema to eat? And behind the counter, I saw some sad looking chicken wings (the middle part only) drying under the hot lamps of the food warmer. Finally made my way into the cinema (hall 2) and ok lar, the chairs were not bad, but I didn't think they were very special. They were in fact quite similar to the chairs in Shaw cinema at Century Square, Tampines. One point to note, it was nice that after the movie, we exited through a proper carpetted exit which led directly back to the main lobby. I absolutely hate the cinemas that exit through dingy, smelly stairways. Unfortunately, GV is most guilty of this. It's like, 'Thanks for your money, the movie's over, you can now exit through the smelly corridors.."

Ok, on to the movie.

The Host is a weird movie. At times, they try to make it a monster horror. But then, very often, there are scenes which are just outrightly silly. So as I sat there, I couldn't decide if the director wanted me to be scared or happy. I mean... it's a bit difficult to be scarily happy right? Then at times, it also seems that they are trying to satirize politics and also laugh at their own korean people. There were attempts to mention SARS, birdflu, etc and also make fun of Americans. But then, later on, there is also an american who sacrifices himself. It's all quite confusing.

The monster effects were not bad. Done by WETA, same company that did Lord of the Rings, so quite decent lar. Basically, it's like a huge mutated... hmm... tadpole? with feet? It's not all CGI. Quite a few scenes were with an actual model (I think it is lar).

The movie is about how this father (together with his brother, sister and father) try to rescue his daughter. Again, at times, there are attempts to be hardwarming heartwarming. But then, there are times when the scenes are slapstick funny. If you watch this movie, tell me what you think about the funeral scene. I just couldn't decide whether to feel sad or laugh at that scene.

So, does this movie live up to the hype? Personally, I don't see what's the big deal. Dunno how this movie can be like a top-grosser in Korea. Must be a korean-thing. Can watch lar. But be prepared to be confused.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Heh... Finally got around to doing it...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The subconscious speaks

Last night, I had my first vivid 'freedom' dream since I resigned.

Can't remember all the details, but I was with a group of my old friends (whom I've not met in a while... must arrange a gathering soon) at some chalet/camp. I told them that I was jobless and suddenly, the dream took on a wonderful sense of flightiness (my favourite kind of dream!). Basically, the floor was wet cause it was raining and I started sliding/skating on the wet floor everywhere. I was going down corridors, swinging around pillars, flying down steps... The sense of freedom was really quite shiok! This is probably second to my next favourite dream of being able to soar through the air.

Oh well, there was an added bonus to this dream. For some reason, we had to fight a monster spider (yes, I know it doesn't make sense. It's a dream after all.) and when we defeated it, by stuffing it into some vending machine slot (don't ask me how, we just did it), a branch magically dropped (like an RPG game... obviously playing too much games... ). And you know the power of this branch? It could clean up everything with a simple wave! lolz. Talk about the subconscious speaking. I then skated around, waved the branch over the table, bed, bags, etc, and everything magically packed itself up. If only life was so beautiful. heh.

Then, as with all dreams, I had to wake up.

It was good, no, AWESOME, while it lasted.

Monday, September 04, 2006

To the podiatrist...

Decided to do something about my ingrown toenail today. I've been putting it off coz the pain seemed to have subsided but over the weekend, it kinda came back. I was a little apprehensive coz when I went to my GP the last time, he said if he cut it, I would be probably on mc for a week or two. Didn't want to be out of action for so long.

Well, I was going to my GP but at the last minute, I googled 'ingrown nail' and found a reference to the Singapore Podiatrist Association. haha.. yeah.. bet you didn't noe such an association existed! heh.

Oh well, I thought, if I'm gonna get this done, might as well go to a specialist. So I made an appointment and turned up at 4.30pm at the Singapore Foot Centre.. bet you didn't noe such a centre existed!

The whole thing was pretty easy and painless. The podiatrist took out her special equipment and uber scary nail clippers (like some wire cutter...). In less than 15 mins, she cut out the piece of nail which was digging into my toe. I wanted to post a pic here... but thought it might be a little too extreme to post a toe nail here...

Anyway, the pain has pretty much subsided and everything should clear up in a week or two.

Really wish I had gone to see her earlier.

Superstar Wannabes

Auditions at Toa Payoh central. Looks like it's time for another singing competition. Hope it's better than Singapore Idol which pretty much sucks so far.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mobile blogging

Cool... Just found out how to link my k800i to my blog. Now can blog whenever and wherever!

Friday, September 01, 2006

RIPB Farewell

Last Saturday, the prefects organized a farewell party for me. It was really memorable and I really must thank all the organizing committee and the prefects for a wonderful time.

Started off with the emcees ushering me into the empty & dark LT. Then, the lights were suddenly turned on and I was 'assaulted' by the prefects who ran down the isles and 'poked' little stickers all over me! Hmm.. have no idea what the significance was, but must say it was a surprising start. Looking up, I saw some former prefects from the class of 2005 and 2004. It was really heartening to see that they had turned up. Thanks for taking the trouble to be there! The LT was also decorated with pictures of the prefects and events which the board had undertaken over the last 3.5 years. Great decorations!

After that, we had some party games. Quite fun actually. I really enjoyed the silliness and the fun that we have laughing at and with each other. I think being in the board is a tough job. We really need moments like this to relac and destress. Thanks to those who were involved in the planning of the games. Silly but effective and enjoyable.

Then we had birthday celebrations for July & August babies. They played this 'game' where the birthday boys had to guess a number between 0 and 1000. Everytime they guessed a wrong number, they could add an ingredient to a slice of cake. This went on till the last guy who guessed the correct number. He would have to eat the cake+crap on it. First twist, at the end, they wanted all birthday boys to eat it. Second twist, they wanted me to have the last bite. Heh.. aiya, pretty expected lar. But it wasn't that bad really. The curry powder (thankfully not too spicy) and sesame seed oil pretty much covered up the taste of everything else. Must say the lumpy cheese added an interesting texture to the whole concoction.

After the cake was the video. It was really excellent. I think the video is gonna be something I'll remember for a long time. Guess some scenes which stick in my mind are: the many handphones (which I apparently change everyday... ) and zongyi going 'BOOOYYSSS!!" into the camera... lolz. Really funny, but really memorable.

I'll admit that the next part of the programme was a little awkward coz they opened the mic to those who wanted to say anything to me. As the prefects shared, it really brought back memories of the times I had worked with them. I can't help but realize the HUGE stacks of proposals I must have thrown back at the prefects for them to rethink and rework. Of course, with some of those memories came some regrets. Sometimes, I know I'd been too harsh and there were also prefects I had not had the chance to work closely with. I'm really grateful to so many of you who took the mic to say something. It was a real encouragement to me.

Next, there was the handover of the baton to Mr Teo who would be taking over the care of the board. It's funny how the baton has become this symbol. When we did the ultramarathon, the board wanted to challenge ourselves and push ourselves beyond our perceived limits. I think in the end, this baton does represent much of the spirit which the board should possess.

Finally came the gift. Wow. It was really a thoughtful gift. First was the DIY shelf with the letters R-I-P-B in front. Then there was the book of compiled well-wishes. There was also the CD-Rom with the video and a mock-up of a mosaic poster which they had done. The last thing was also one of the most significant, a 4-level name card holder with the names and responsibilities of all th prefects which I have worked with in the 3.5 years that I have been prefect master. As I looked through the names at home, it reminded me of all the prefects I had worked with. Thanks. Can't say that enough.

And finally, we had food, and the prefects also put the huge styrofoam crest we had used for almost 3 Prefect Investitures. Hard to believe it's really been so long.

I've said it many times in this post, and I'll say it again, Thanks to everyone for a really great farewell party. I have enjoyed my time as prefect master. This is due very much to all the prefects I had the opportunity to work with. Thank you and good luck!

(More pics can be found in my album.)