Sunday, July 04, 2010

My xbox360 still works!

Wow.. I plugged in my xbox360 and turned it on for the first time in probably 2 years... and it still works! I am very impressed! Have just finished updating the firmware and creating my new avatar. Not too impressed with the Live Arcade games. As usual, Asia website has the least stuff. Yawn. At least for Playstation Network, it's easy for me to log on to other regions and buy games/download demos. Wonder if I will it be another 2 years before I play my xbox360 again. LOL.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Singapore River Heritage Cruise

I was invited to go for a Heritage Cruise on the Singapore River tonight. I've done the river cruise before but decided to see what this Heritage Cruise was all about.

Basically, they had a pair of actors bringing us on a journey along the Singapore River. I must admit that it was quite enjoyable. The two of them were quite funny. However, I did start to lose a little interest 30mins into the 'act'.

It was also a good chance for me to try out the twilight handheld mode on my Sony Nex. Generally, must say I quite like the modes available on the camera though on closer inspection, the pictures do appear quite noisy. I guess it's like they said, the Sony Nex is really a camera in between a compact and a dslr. And for now, that suits me really nicely. I do like the night shots and the thing is, they were taken without a tripod. :)