Tuesday, February 28, 2006

omg... just saw the new k790i on Engadget... omg omg omg... it's a bee-yoo-ti-ful phone! Firstly, it's got the Cybershot logo...coz it's supposed to have much better photo qualities. The camera is 3.2 mega-pixels, has autofocus and even has image stabilization!! shiokz. Now I am torn... Sony Ericsson k790i or Nokia E70....
And since I'm on the topic of spending money, here's another money spender..... the new Nintendo DS Lite. Nintendo is really good at making people spend money on the SAME THING by simply redesigning it and making small improvements here and there. It's quite irritating. It's like they didn't release the complete product the last time so they are improving on it now. Well, the new DS is gonna be released in Japan in 2 days' time for about S$250.

Sigh, with the xbox360 and the DS lite, looks like March is gonna be an expensive month for me...

Wow... here is a pic of an ultra-cool mouse. To think this is such an obvious idea and yet it took so long for someone to come up with such a design! Wonder if it'll ever come to Singapore. Would love to get one!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's the post-busy-period feeling again.

The last few days have been quite a mad rush, as is the norm for the few days before any event.

Have been back really late, meaning no time to WoW....

Well, gonna take a day or two off before starting on next project.

Fun never stops!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Movie Updates

OK, I must admit these last two movies I've watched aren't the most exciting, but I was pretty much swayed by all the Oscar buzz.. so I decided to catch them before the Awards ceremony.

Watched WALK THE LINE last Sunday. The reviews have been gushing about how great the two leads were. I think the movie was not bad. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I knew more about Johnny Cash. I've heard about him, but that's about it. I can imagine that his fans (esp. those in the US) would have found this film very good. To me, it was a decent love story with some gory songs.

Here's an excerpt from Folsom Prison Blues, one his most famous songs:
When I was just a baby, my mama told me, "Son
Always be a good boy; don't ever play with guns."
But I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.
When I hear that whistle blowin' I hang my head and cry.

Basically, if I took away the reference to Johnny Cash, it's a movie about two people who love each other but are married to different people and how in the end, they give in to the love. Yeah.. soppy.

Today, I caught the other hot Oscar film, Brokeback Mountain... the 'gay cowboy' movie. It's funny, but now that I think about it, Brokeback Mountain is also like Walk the Line, but with two guys! haha... Basically, it's about two guys who loved each other but are married to others (women, lar). But Brokeback has a sad ending, coz in the end, this love kinda tears everything apart. In Walk the Line, the love conquers everything, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Yeah, so I think enough of the soppy movies... still want to watch Fearless and I think Munich is opening soon. I'm also trying to catch Constant Gardener before it ends. Haven't watched I Not Stupid Too either..
Yeah, seems that I'm not blogging as much as usual.

It's not for lack of things happening. Actually, alot of things have been happening. And it's also not because I don't have time to blog.

So why no updates?

Well, I guess it's coz the things on my mind aren't really pleasant for posting on this blog. Some of these have to do with school stuff, and I've always tried to keep this blog free of school things. Can be quite depressing to experience the probs in school and then come back to see more about it on the blog. Of course, this being a personal blog, I don't think it's appropriate to rant about school and students... heh....

Ok, ok... I admit that another reason why I've not blogged is because of a little game called WoW. It has been taking up SOME of my time. Actually, I think I've been fairly disciplined, i think... On weekdays, I've limited myself to no more than 2hrs of WoW... On weekends... a bit more relaxed.. heh.

WoW is really a time-sapper. If I'm still a student and I can afford it... I think I will sure die lor. It literally just sucks the time away. As you run here, run there, kill here, kill there, deliver here, deliver there, talk here, talk there.... the time just passes and before you know it, hours have passed. I used to hate RPGs. And I think I generally still do. But WoW just blurs the line between and RPG and an action game sufficiently for me to be hooked. Right now I've got three characters on-line, a Dwarf Paladin, a Night Elf Warrior and a Human Warlock. Of the three, I like playing the Night Elf and the Human. Getting a bit sianz of the Dwarf, might delete him soon. The Night Elf is at level 16 I think, and the Human is at level 10. I quite like the Warlock coz of all the spells. Quite evil. But quite shiok. But I'm still ultra-noob lar. Always kena thrashed when other players challenge me to a duel.

Watch two movies over these last two weekends. Will try to write about that in another post.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Things are revving up again. Tonight is the start of many late nights until next Thursday.

Can see many people putting in much effort and time. Good job.

That's all for now. Late.. tired...nite...

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Just woke up. Had a dream where I was basically levelling myself up the whole time just like in World of Warcraft. Die. Obviously playing too much WoW....

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fever appears to have gone down today, but can't say for sure coz it's fluctuating up and down. Hope it stays down. On the whole, feeling kinda better today.

Watching Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life on Cinemax right now. Not a fantastic show, but it's fantastic that there are all these movies I can watch on HBO, Cinemax & Star Movies. Cable is really shiok. Really wish Singapore could have Sci-Fi channel like the US. But I guess there really isn't a big-enough market here.

A few things I'm looking forward to... XBOX 360 launch is a couple of weeks... the new DS Lite... X-Men 3... Superman Returns... Playstation 3... Nokia E70... Song M600i... getting back to work...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Had my operation yesterday. Had to remove a kidney stone. It's almost become an annual/biennual event. Hate it. But what to do, guess it's just this thorn in my flesh I have to live with.

Reported at 7.30am at Tan Tock Seng Hospital Day Surgery Centre. Everytime I report, there are always feelings of uncertainty. Of course, it's a low risk operation, but what the heck, there's always a chance you don't wake up. The thought is always quite scary. Having said that, goingunder GA (General Anaesthetic) is really a wonderful experience. Honestly. You don't even know you are going to fall asleep! The anaesthetist simply injects the drug into your body, and in less than 5 seconds, your out cold. When I woke up, it was all over.

Now comes the healing process. Have been having slight pains and fever since the the operation. Only can tackle it using panadol. Doctor gave me a horrible liquid to drink, Potassium Citrate. OMG. It's really awful. I'm not one who's afraid of taking medicine. But there's no escaping the horrible taste of the liquid. It's not a pill that I can just swallow. Everytime I put the spoon into my mouth, I feel like puking. It's really bad. And I think the doctor gave me enough to last a month. OMG OMG OMG.

Well, I'm on MC for a couple of days. Hope the fever clears up soon so I can start WoWing. heh.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Campus Superstar Results

Yep.. just heard... Yin Wei's out. It's kinda sad.

There's still the revival round. He still might have a chance.

Campus Superstar Updates

Only managed to catch the males for tonite's competition.

I think Yin Wei did ok tonite, but i totally agree with the judges, he hasn't really shown much improvement in since the first time he performed. If he makes it through tonite, he really needs to try and work on the judges comments. His song choice tonite was a little different... in a nice way. He really does have a nice voice. But like a friend said, a nice voice isn't nearly enough. Needs the whole package.

M2 wasn;t very good today. I cringed when he sang the first half of the song. He really isn't as good as far as singing is concerned, but he has the superstar looks.

M3 was a surprise tonite. Very good. As far as judges is concerned, I think their score for M3 and Yin Wei tonite was pretty correct.

So there it is. 25 mins to the results show (though I noe the results are out already, but I haven't found out what it is ). Let's see how he fare tonite.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Played my first Party quest today. Teamed up with another 4 characters to go into this cave to collect some relics. It's sooooooo much easier playing in a team! I guess that's the whole point of the game isn't it?

Irritating thing is, just as we completed collecting the stuff, the server went down. And now, both servers which I play on are down... suffering from withdrawal... OH NO! Does this mean I'm hooked?


Hmm, I dunno if I'm officially hooked, but I did spend the last 4 hours playing WoW... my longest stretch I think.

I'm really quite awed by this online world which Blizzard has created. The environments, quests, characters are all really well done. There is an occasional lag, but 90% of the time, things are pretty smooth-going.

I'm currently at Level 9. Yeah, that;s pathetic I noe. But hey, it's a start.

So far the tasks have been fairly mundane. Kill 5 trolls, kill 10 spiders & collect their web-things, kill 7 boars, deliver this letter, collect this plant.... yeah, not very exciting I noe. My friend is trying real hard to get me to persevere. Apparently, it really starts slow, but the fun starts only at higher levels.

I've not had a chance to team-up with anyone yet. Maybe that's why I'm like dying most of the time. heh.

One thing I hate so far, the money is really slow in coming. Kills give me like 3 to 15 copper coins. Hardly enough to do anything. To upgrade your skills... it's all money money money. Sigh.

One interesting thing? I liked that they actually celebrated some Lunar Festival thing, in conjunction with the Chinese Lunar New Year. Not bad lar, spent about 3 silver coins to get 4950 XP. Enough to at least jump one level.

I've actually created two characters, one on Khaz Modan realm and another on Frostmorne realm. So if any one sees a character with a 'Zeke' in it's name, dun be a stranger and say hi! (And plz dun kill me....)

Weekend's here... might mean more WoWing...