Saturday, June 26, 2010

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

Not sure what attracted me to the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park but when I heard that the official opening was 24 June, I somehow decided almost immediately to buy tickets for the opening... I didn't even do that when the Singapore Flyer opened. haha..

Well, I think a large part of the reason was that I wanted to try out my new Sony Nex. So below are some shots. I really enjoyed the sweep panaroma! It's so convenient that it's hard to imagine how I could live without having it in my older cameras! I know photography purists would probably be appalled that I'm using it so much, but I don't really care.... I think as long as it works well.. why not!?

The Skypark was nice, but there was one major disappointment. From the news reports, it almost appeared as if you would be able to explore the whole rooftop and look over the horizon swimming pool. But the reality was all we were allowed to explore was the rounded area sticking out (as seen from the first pic below). We were not allowed to go anywhere beyond that. Lame.

However, I'm glad to say the view was really quite worth it. A pity it was a little cloudy/hazy. But I think I managed to get some nice test shots using the sweep panorama. One criticism is that the pictures appear a little dark. Wonder if I am able to adjust the aperture setting so that the pics can be brighter when I do the panorama... hmm..
Bottom view of the Sky Park Observation Deck

Panorama of CBD (edited for brightness)

View of the floating platform and the really cool lotus shaped roof of the coming museum

The Singapore Flyer on the left with th Marina Barrage.

View of Singapore Flyer and East Coast (unedited)

View of Singapore Flyer and East Coast (after autocorrect)

Inside the Marina Bay Sands mall


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